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Clear eyes, full heart, will probably lose but that's okay!

I'm pretty darn happy about the Emmy nominations. Sure, there were some egregious snubs (Nick Offerman and Treme, among others), but there was some great stuff too!

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Coach and Mrs. Coach! Like BSG, I assumed this would be one of those amazing shows that was ignored by the Emmys, so the Best Drama nomination is very, very welcome.

  • Parks and Recreation! Such a great series with lots of buzz, but we all know that doesn't always translate to awards. I seriously doubt it and FNL will come close to winning, but it's great to see their names up there anyway.

  • Louie has really grown on me, so I'm glad Louis CK got nominated. And I have residual affection for Melissa McCarthy, even though I've never watched her current show.

  • I like Modern Family well enough. I suppose the six(!) acting nominations are deserved, but sheesh. ;)

  • Another snub: nothing for the Game of Thrones theme song? Really? At least the credits are on the list.

  • Two nominations for Idris Elba. Excellent.

  • ETA: Fun post-noms interview with Amy Poehler, in which she says she plans to pour honey all over herself in order to win, and that Nick Offerman was also snubbed for his work designing costumes for Game of Thrones.
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