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Veggies, fic, quilts, fezzes, and zombies.

1. As I mentioned before, I'm not fond of vegetables. Luckily, I just found something that I really love: roasted asparagus with a bit of lemon and nutmeg. Marvelous! I'm also a fan of steamed green beans with a bit of butter. Now I just need to find more vegetables that I like.

2. I have absolutely nothing in the fic pipeline, and that makes me sad. Can't see myself writing any more BSG, which is fine since I wrote more than enough over four years. (Guess it's a good thing I never posted that WIP!) I expected to write more Hunger Games fic, but I only have one vague story idea that is probably too ambitious for me to tackle given that my interest is waning. I just want to be writing something again!

3. Any tips for how to machine-sew a baby quilt? I'd like to make one for NephTwo, but quilting is intimidating. ;) I've only ever made one before, and that one was very, very basic. Maybe I'll do some research online after I finish all my holiday knitting, since my second nephew won't arrive until February.

4. Yesterday I watched some of the Doctor Who marathon on BBCA. I thought about tracking down my .avis instead, because BBCA uses way too many screen bugs and crops most of the picture; when the hell is Comcast going to pick up the HD channel? I did enjoy the Van Gogh episode again, especially since I did a Van Gogh descriptive writing lesson with my students in September. And I'm now tempted to knit a felted fez!

5. Tonight's TWD was definitely an improvement over last week. Though I'm enjoying it, I'm not feeling as fandomish about the show as I'd expected, maybe because the characters and relationships can be really tough to like. Those are what really draw me into a series, and even without getting spoilery for the comics, it doesn't look like I'll form those attachments. That's okay, I guess. I love seeing Atlanta onscreen, and the show is engrossing on its own.

They do seem to be diverging from the comics, which is a good thing -- and not just because it keeps us from knowing every single thing that'll happen. One digression that I appreciated was the conversation among the women at the end. I really disliked it in the comics, in which one character (whom I haven't seen onscreen yet) makes the comment about gender roles, and the others shrugged it off. Tonight they didn't do all that much better, but at least it looks like the women won't roll over and accept things. I particularly liked it from Andrea, who is standing up more than I remembered since I haven't read the comics in a while. I was ambivalent about her back then, but now I'm really liking her. That said, the women are still standing around and watching more than I'd prefer.

I'm also glad that they clarified the mess with Lori and Shane, making it more clear that she hooked up with him for protection and because she genuinely thought her husband was dead. That storyline is still a mess, but at least this ameliorated her actions somewhat. And of course Rick The Stand-Up Guy puts other concerns ahead of his family, even if he had fairly good reasons for doing so.

Atlanta folks: the campsite is at the Bellwood Quarry, west of GA Tech. You can see the AWW water tower in a couple of the shots. Alas, you can't see the giant IKEA right behind it. (Now that would be a good place to hide out during a zombie apocalypse, if only for the lingonberry jam.) I had no idea the quarry was even there; until I heard of it, I thought the filming site was somewhere on the banks of the Hooch. Good choice of locations.

And I have to add one vague spoiler for the comics. Since the white text isn't working, I'll put it in small type. Whenever I saw Carl walking around all cute and wide-eyed, I just wanted to laugh. Those who've read the comics know what I mean!
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