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The Walking Ad Agency

AMC went totally batshit insane with the amount of commercials for The Walking Dead during tonight's season finale of Mad Men. I'd be annoyed if I weren't on the verge of making TWD my new fandom. ;) The "current population" ad is definitely my favorite, since I can count myself among all the dead people. The official site has a new 17-minute making-of featurette. I tried to keep tabs on the production over the summer, so how the hell did I miss that they filmed several scenes at a theater about five minutes from here? Hmph. I swear, half my (potential) fandom love is because the pilot script was so marvelous, and half is because I can't wait to see my city devoured by zombies. I'm a bit shallow that way.

As for the season finale of Mad Men....

Oh, Don.

My gut reaction is that it was NOT a good episode -- certainly not the kind of finale that I expect from it -- but I might change my mind after a rewatch. The engagement was telegraphed from the very beginning, with Carla being fired (no!), the engagement ring, Megan's savviness with the kids, and so on. The entire hour was focused on it, with the agency business on the periphery as if it were inconsequential. That's not what MM usually does in these episodes. I guess I expected more/better, especially with so many huge things going on with SCDP.

I'm not at all thrilled with the engagement, and not only because I really liked Dr. Miller. No surprise that Don treated her badly, though I don't necessarily think she's a better choice for him. Yes, she was bad with the children, but she was also the kind of strong woman that I want him to like, even if he doesn't deserve her. Well, she did say a while back that he'd be married again within a year. (And I loved the conversation between Joan and Peggy, who continue to be awesome. BTW, I totally called Joan keeping the baby.)

Faye was right that he loves the beginnings and has no idea how to handle the rest. That's also telegraphed/anvilled in the final shot. I suspect a huge part of it was that Megan's so good with his kids; the one good thing that could come out of this is that they could take custody of the children and get them the hell away from Betty. Megan seems like a nice woman who might be good for Don, though if she does have the ambitions she hinted at a few weeks ago, I wonder if she'd be willing to give all that up to become a housewife. Society was changing fast, but two working parents was still quite rare, particularly given that Megan doesn't have a set career of her own. Another thing that set off huge warning sirens: Megan almost certainly wants children of her own, but I can't see Don agreeing to a fourth or fifth child. I guess I hope it all works out for everyone's sake, but I'm not at all thrilled with the new developments.

On the plus side, that scene with them announcing the engagement reminded me so much of Funny Jon Hamm. Like I've said way too many times, I don't find Don Draper at all attractive, but Funny Jon Hamm (like on SNL or 30 Rock) makes me swoony with little hearts and happy sighs. *g*
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