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It's a great day for an apocalypse.

We're starting a schoolwide literacy class this year -- thirty minutes at the start of every day, with silent reading and mini-lessons on comprehension and vocabulary. Today I got an email outlining our lesson plans for the rest of the week. Wednesday: "Watch a 15-minute interview with Suzanne Collins about her series, The Hunger Games, then discuss it with your class." HA! When I stopped by Borders on the way home to pick up my copy of Mockingjay, I used my teacher card for the 25% discount, even though the cashier didn't believe me when I said that yes, we will indeed be using this book at school. ;) That said, I don't know that MJ is very appropriate for my sixth graders, but as I posted the other day, I'm excited that at least a few of them are interested in the books. Watching the video with them tomorrow will be a bit awkward -- I'm not used to doing lessons involving my mini-fandoms!

(I'd actually planned to take a break from the bombardment of MJ posts here, but I had to share that.)

The main reason for my post: AMC has finally posted the full preview of The Walking Dead! Check out the heavily CGI'd Freedom Parkway at 2:30! Goddamn, I am excited about this series, which definitely looks like it could be my next big fandom (despite a few complications). I'm iffy about the Halloween premiere -- mostly because I don't want to wait two more months -- though the date is certainly appropriate. This is a very squee-worthy, apocalyptic day!
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