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1. I got back from Texas yesterday, and I already miss my family and especially the most darling nephew ever. Really. I know everyone is biased in favor of their own kids (or siblings' offspring), but I firmly believe that Neph achieves heretofore unseen levels of cuteness. Unfortunately, I also discovered that it is indeed possible to overdose on They Might Be Giants after Neph insisting upon playing "Seven" or "I Am a Paleontologist" approximately 53 times over four days.

2. Queso is furball-prone, and he hacked up a very impressive one shortly after I left for Texas. (The neighbor/catsitter didn't clean it, not that I would expect her to since she graciously checks on him for free!) When I got home last night, the vomit had actually started to mildew. Yuck! I put a paper towel over it overnight -- too tired to deal with it -- and set about taking care of it this afternoon. I threw out the vomit itself and noticed the carpet still sported a baseball-sized mildew stain. I sprayed it with a ton of Resolve, let it soak in for about 10 minutes, then started scrubbing. Now I'm waiting for the carpet to dry, but it *looks* like I got rid of the mildew. Should I go ahead and shell out for steam-cleaning anyway, either with a professional service or renting a wet-vac from the grocery? I've been meaning to get my carpets cleaned for a while, so I'm leaning toward that. But it's just so damned expensive!

3. I don't really pay attention to sports, but I love a good controversy. The LeBron debacle has been quite fun to watch! I have no opinion on whether he made the right decision, but I do feel badly for those who are so upset -- particularly when they express their outrage in Comic Sans. And during last night's announcement, I kept flashing back to Ralph Wiggum's "I choo-choo-choose you!" and "You can pinpoint the exact moment that his heart is crushed."

4. So, who else is watching Work of Art? I also know nothing about fine art beyond museum visits and "Oh, that looks beautiful", but I'm finding it far more accessible and fascinating than expected. I'll admit that Jaclyn's propensity to get naked at every opportunity has annoyed me as a feminist, but this week I could kinda see where she was going with it (even if her work had little to do with the challenge). That said, I'd like to see her do something that doesn't involve her perfect body that is desired by everyone in the whole wide world.

5. Time to weigh in on the Emmy nominations!

-- Of course I'm thrilled for Coach and Mrs. Coach, especially since it's been a given that FNL will never get recognized! I would've loved a nomination for Zach Gilford, but I'm not surprised since him submitting as Guest Actor worked against him along with FNL's relative obscurity; besides, the guest categories are usually for Big Movie Stars these days. Alas. My favorite comment on this is from the talkback on the NYT post: "So I guess for FNL to get nominated they should (1) move to HBO, (2) turn Coach Taylor into a serial killer, (3) have Julie fall in love with a teen vampire, (4) hire Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant."

-- I wish Community or Parks & Recreation had made the Best Comedy list, but that's also not a surprise, particularly since many people tuned in for P&R's first season and decided it was mediocre, yet it became *marvelous* in S2. Just wish they could've taken the place of Curb Your Enthusiasm (I hear it's great, but it doesn't appeal to me) or Nurse Jackie (which is pretty good but definitely rode the HBO coattails there.)

-- Not many complaints with Best Drama. They're not really my six favorite shows, but at least four of them are worthy nominees. I'm not keen on Dexter and heard its season was subpar, but hey, maybe it's also worthy. And y'all know my feelings about True Blood (a hell of a lot of fun and great at its pulpy genre, but the best? Uh, nope. Just in my opinion!)

-- As much as I love The Amazing Race, it's time for another show to win. Probably not Project Runway, which has had a couple of bland seasons, so I guess I'd go with Top Chef for overall quality, even if last season was meh.

-- I want Jon Hamm to win. BUT. I wish it could be for his awesome SNL appearance, since he only had two short scenes on 30 Rock, and I find him SO much more attractive when he's doing something like "Hamm & Buble" than as Don Draper. But he's great on MM, so here's hoping he gets that win. Bryan Cranston might deserve it more, based on what I've heard about this season of Breaking Bad. I've just never been a fan of actors winning more than twice for the same performance. I'm a spread-the-wealth girl.

-- Speaking... at least this is the last season Tony Shalhoub can be nominated.

-- Also, at least Drama Actress is (slightly) less beholden to the movie star pedigree this time around. That and the Guest categories are usually overrun by the big names that voters recognize, for better or worse. Seriously, nominations for journeymen actors who specialize in television are very, very rare.

-- Jane Lynch owns Comedy Supporting Actress, as well she should.

-- I do feel a bit sad for Ed O'Neill's omission, given that the five other actors were nominated. Quite interesting, that. NPR has a good post about it. I laughed at the comments that his and Katey Sagal's omission for Sons of Anarchy meant a Married with Children curse, though Christina Applegate did get nominated last year.

-- Yay for Archie Panjabi! She's my sentimental favorite in Drama Supporting Actress, both because she's great on her show, and because of Bend It Like Beckham.

-- I'm also cheering on Michael Sheen in Miniseries/Movie, though that's the worst of the movie star categories (Jeff Bridges, Ian McKellen, Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid). And that's why, if anyone wins for The Special Relationship, it'll be Quaid. Alas. Sheen should also have been nominated as Comedy Guest for 30 Rock, but such is life!

-- I find the delineation between "Nonfiction Series" and "Reality Series" quite interesting, particularly since several of the Reality series feel more like a serious Nonfiction, like Mythbusters. I suppose Nonfiction is for the highbrow stuff. Then again, what's the difference between Deadliest Catch (Nonfiction) and Dirty Jobs (Reality)?

-- Commercials! I'm a bit annoyed that "Green Car" got nominated because its "enviro-fascists" message was off-putting. But hooray for Isaiah Mustafa and "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like". Now that's a damn good commercial.

Oops, did I say I only had a few thoughts this year?
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