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Swimsuits, sweaters, soccer, zombies, and disappointment.

1. Per the suggestions on last night's post, I dropped by Old Navy and was surprised to find a swimsuit that fits fine, if not perfectly. And if it fits *me*, then that's further proof that ON sizing is screwed up. ;) Even better, I found out at the register that it was 30% off. That's the third time in as many days that I've gotten a surprise discount at checkout. I'm on a roll!

2. I finished another summer sweater today -- my fifth one since January! Funny how I never liked knitting sweaters because I didn't have the patience or the money for all that yarn, yet now they're all I want to knit. Here's the Ravelry page. It's basically just a raglan with a lacy stripe down the front. I did a bunch of short-row bust darts to compensate for my more-than-ample boobs and belly, and added an eyelet "waistband" just below the bust to give it some shaping -- when you're shaped like me, shirts that hang straight down are not a good idea! The raglan makes my chest look huge (and I'm one of those for whom "big boobs" are a curse rather than a blessing), but overall I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Trust me, it looks much better on me than in my crappy photo taken in the mirror with my phone. ;)

3. I had fun watching the two World Cup matches today, though I had to keep it on mute for much of the time due to the incessant buzz of the vuvuzelas. I'm not really interested in the soccer itself, but the sheer breadth of the worldwide competition is really neat.

4. AMC has released a video of the "zombie school" for The Walking Dead. It's such a pity that I won't be available for some of the dates in the casting call for extras here in town, because it looks like SO much fun to learn how to, well, stumble around like a zombie.

5. Day 11 - A show that disappointed you. I'm quite easy to please, so I don't generally get upset with shows. I suppose the most common answer would be BSG, but although I wasn't thrilled with end, I wasn't as angry as nearly everyone else (though I totally understand why it was such a heartbreaker). My disappointment tends to come with shows that start strong and show such potential, only to either flame out spectacularly or just don't live up to that promise. When it started, I had far more faith in Bionic Woman than it warranted, even though I suspected it wouldn't be good. I loved the soapy camp of Dirty Sexy Money two years ago, but it soon became a chore to watch. Scrubs was pretty awful by the end, but that's to be expected with a long-running show that's built upon such a specific style. Glee had that great pilot, and although I watched and mostly enjoyed the whole season, it either bored or annoyed me far more than I wished it would.
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