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Apparently, tonight's theme is "hunger".

I've been rereading The Hunger Games, and I'm buying into Katniss/Gale a lot more than I did before. I get it now, even though I'm not wholly on board; if it weren't for how much I adore Peeta, I think they'd be my big 'ship. For me, the biggest problem is that I still don't really know him well enough to root for him either as Katniss's great love or just for his own sake. But I'm getting more and more convinced that the third book will end with them together, perhaps even with a cheesy Deathly Hallows-esque "ten years later" epilogue of them with all those kids she claims she doesn't want.

I also suspect that Peeta will die along the way. He really does give off sacrificial vibes. While I initially read the romance angle as Katniss falling for him despite what she thought she wanted, now I'm not sure her feelings are genuine. But then I could say the same about her feelings for Gale, which I'd interpreted as a deep friendship with a thread of sexual tension that she mistakes for romantic love. So, I dunno. I still want her with Peeta in large part because I just adore him and want a payoff for all his devotion (even though Katniss should not be a "reward"!), but I'm not as opposed to her and Gale.

Also, it's too bad that he's too old and probably can't act, because I now read each of Cinna's lines as if Tim Gunn is speaking them.

Last fall I tried to cut way back on my sugar intake and did a pretty good job of it. So why am I relapsing like hell? Sugar is the *last* thing I need, but I am its slave.

I'm also realizing that I have so much to learn about basic cooking techniques. I bought some fresh chicken breasts at TJ's yesterday, but I don't really know how to prepare them -- I'm always afraid I won't cook them long enough. And that's just the tip of my culinary illiteracy. Maybe I should find out if there are any cheap cooking classes in Atlanta. I know the rec center down the street offers some, but I'd have to pay a premium since I'm in an unincorporated part of the county, outside city limits. Sigh.
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