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There's nothing offensive about that hand gesture.

1. All my knitting this week seems to have given me a touch of tendinitis in the middle finger of my right hand. It's fine when I curl my fingers slightly in a natural position, but I feel shooting pains when I make a fist or extend it. (Guess I won't be flipping anyone off soon!) It's not serious enough for the emergency room, and I can't get in to the doctor until Monday. Any suggestions? OTC stuff is fine since I need to make a Rite-Aid run anyway. A caveat: for some stupid reason, using ice as a numbing agent really freaks me out, so that's not an option! (ETA: Icing it plus some ibuprofin seems to have helped for the time being, knock on wood.)

2. I love that my local Publix carries a fairly large selection of British foods. I will finally concede that Smarties are WAY better than M&Ms. They also offer several varieties of tea biscuits; however, they don't have the milk chocolate ones that I loved way back when I lived in London. Chocolate McVitie's are just too grainy for my tastes, even if they are probably healthier.

3. Scholastic has a write-up of the Mockingjay event at BookExpo, including a vague and not-very-spoilery description of the opening scene of the final book!

4. I've mentioned it before, but if you're looking for something fun to watch this summer, check out Starz' sitcom Party Down. All of the episodes are available for streaming on Netflix, and I think it's also at OnDemand. Really bawdy and funny and free!

5. While I'm a bit suspicious of its veracity, I laughed at this voicemail from a woman who is furious that a weather bulletin interrupted the season finale of Criminal Minds.
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