Vapor Trails

1 November
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Imagine a world were ever you look you see beauty and love. Where everything is peaceful, and everyone gets along. This is not reality, if you think this is reality you are even more insane then myself. I myself know exactly what kind of monster I am, but we’ll keep things social and you may just refer to me as Winter.
My words and mind have lived in the times that man has forgotten. Eras that humans wish had never existed, and moments that we all wait to exist again. I laughed when Pompeii burned for the glory of Mother Nature reminding us how fragile we are, and I romanced Cleopatra into killing herself merely to watch someone so great stain herself into the human legacy. My legacy has walked the earth for as long as there was fear of the dark, and dreams of what laid in wait. Dreams of flight and the feel of your muscles scream as you run through the woods, the leaves and branches scratching at your flesh as you achieve freedom. In my own little world of day dreams, astral travel, vampire, werewolves, monsters and magic, I have learned that reality is only limited by your perspective!