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A week by myself

I had been doing fine with the idea of the fam visiting Texas for a week without me, but the day before they left, Saturday, the notion really hit me and I got exceptionally bummed. In the morning, Dad and Ange came to our apartment to pick Jackie up, and I gave them a rather subdued farewell because I was so down, but I didn’t want them to know this because I know Dad and know how it would eat away at his guilty conscience (I get mine from him;-). But it was very sweet cuz Dad came bearing lots of snacks for me and a gift card to IHOP and a gift card to Chevy’s so that I would be sure to eat well whilst they were gone. I thought that was super sweet and cute. But when they left, I cried. It wasn’t a long cry, but a good, hard cry. I remained bummed until late afternoon, at which point I chatted on the phone with my friend Dennis and Jake came over to give me some deer sausage he had accumulated and we just hung out.

Monday was a nice enough day, but come 3pm, I was feeling icky again due to being alone. Plus, it was a holiday, and I had no family around to celebrate with. I am not used to this. So, while I wasn’t in the mood to socialize due to my being down, I NEEDED to see people—so I invited friends over! And it was so wonderful! It was very cleansing. Some people are like plants—their mere presence rids the air of toxins:-P They didn’t leave until midnight, and my friend Brenda spent the night. That was a lot of fun! I mean, we didn’t do a whole lot spending-the-night-wise, just went to bed, then got up and had breakfast together, but just that was super special to me She obviously left before I did, so that I could lock up, but when she headed out the door, we both said to each other at the same time, “Have a nice day!” Except I made mine all cheesy 1950s mom-esque>P

So the week by myself is going Ok. I really have nothing to complain about other than the fact I’m NOT IN TEXAS.



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