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Impromptu Feast!

Last night, my fam had an impromptu feast! I emailed Dad asking if he wanted to go out to eat and then Adoration, and he said, “Actually, I’m barbequeing tonight! It’ll be ready at 6!” So I was all excited, random barbeque! If ever anyone needs a random barbeque, it’s on a Tuesday. I picked up a mini watermelon on my way there with Jackie, but Dad had already thought of that and bought a BIG watermelon! And what a feast it all was! He barbequed hamburgers, turkey burgers, and zezzitzas (sp???), there was salad with fancy fixings, watermelon, corn on the cob, pork and beans, fancy potatoes…am I forgetting anything? It was SO amazing cuz I’d been sick lately and was just starting to feel better, ergo SUPER HUNGRY. And for dessert we had strawberry shortcake! Ange and Don came, too, so it was a big family affair, it felt like Memorial Day already;-P And Jackie and I got a huge portion of the leftovers to take home, so I’m excited about dinner tonight! I love leftovers. It was such a random, spontaneous happening, and such a BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS happening, I’m so grateful for it! It fed us all body and soul.

Speaking of Memorial Day, Dad, Ange, and Jackie leave for Texas this Sunday. I can’t go cuz I couldn’t get off work; it’s going to be weird remaining in Missouri while my family goes off to another state. Don’t feel bad for me; I’m not down or anything that I have to stay. I mean, obviously I’d PREFER to go, but I totally understand not being able to get out of work. So I’m going to have a full week of living by myself; we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted as to whether or not I’m dying for interaction;-)



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