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The dust bunnies of my mind

Yesterday was really nice. Throughout the day I'd been feeling down and tired, but I went to my dad's for dinner, and I thought we were just going to pick at the pantry, but when I arrived, he was in the midst of fixing us a big, healthy dinner!! We had fish, baked potatoes, salad, beets, and corn on the cob!! It was soooo good! It totally rejuvenated me physically and mentally. That is something I need to pick up-- home-cooked meals eaten around the table. My goal is to do that at least once a week-- cook a meal and sit down at our nice, new table and eat. Cuz I guess there's just something very therapeutic and cleansing about a homecooked meal eaten around the dinner table. After dinner Dad and I went to Adoration, so really, just a good night all around:-)

I was awoken last night by the storm outside at 4 in the morning, but I'm Ok with that, because the storm was AWESOME!! The lightning lit up the entire apartment, thunder shook the ground, and the rain sounded like a waterfall!! SOOO COOL! I ate some frozen yogurt (yes, at 4 in the morning) and just enjoyed the show.

I want to tell you guys about a CREEPY dream I had last night. I fell down a laundry shoot and ended up in some tiny dungeon room, with a crazy-looking man chained up. The man transformed into thousands of tiny bugs, then reformed into a man OUTSIDE of the chains. He started chasing me around the small dungeon, trying to steal my face and saying, "Down here, YOU DON'T HAVE A FACE." My alarm woke me up before he ever caught me. And thank God, cuz I saw no way out of that one!


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May. 13th, 2010 02:32 am (UTC)
That IS a creepy dream! It sounds like an episode of Tales from the Crypt. Oh, or Doctor Who! SPACE MONSTER.
May. 13th, 2010 02:34 am (UTC)
ALSO, since you mentioned it, I have a bad dream last night, and you AND Jackie were in it, but I can't remember what else happened...
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