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Discernment Week 2...oh forget it!

Ok, I’m getting kind of sick of keeping this daily vocation diary. I’m sure you all are getting sick of reading the same thing over and over. I have peace, there it is. I have more peace now that I’m reading books that are all about giving up your love life to let God deal with it. So I’m totally laid-back with everything; I’m back in my usual state of being cool with being single. I know how to make it fun. Guys catch my eye here and there, but I’m not looking go fall prematurely, so I’m keeping my distance emotionally. I suppose these two weeks, though I’m only beginning the second week, have taught me—wow, yeah, they’ve totally taught me how to be at peace with a vocation of marriage and how to be Ok with being a woman seeking out fulfillment of such vocation. I used to be the girl who hated admitting to such, cuz I felt it conveyed I needed a man to be happy were I to actively look. But you all know I don’t need a man to be happy; no one does, though lots of people believe that. I don’t, and you know I don’t. So I’m Ok with this vocation; it’s not anti-feminist or cliché. It’s special and beautiful and…dare I say, me. It feels like me.

I have to be careful there; don’t wanna claim marriage as my vocation TOO soon. Fr. Martin said when people ask him what it’s like being a priest, he says, “It’s like being me. It’s who I am.” And that’s what I’m looking for in a vocation—the continuation of me.



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