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My weekend plans

Tonight is my me night, the night to spend time alone, doing my hobbies that require only me—namely, exercising, reading, art journaling (or at least clearing off my desk, PREPARING for art journaling;-) I’ve been so busy all week, doing fun stuff, mind you, but still, it’s contributed to not enough sleep or lousy sleep, and consequently my left eye has turned pink. It’s not pink eye aka conjuncivitis, just *a* pink eye. Yesterday it was hurting, so I thought it MIGHT be pink eye, but today it’s felt totally fine; my cousin Brian said his eyes get like that when he has exams due to stress, poor sleep, and reading lots of tiny print. So I just need to chill out, sleep, and take some time away from the computer. I can do that. ERGO my me night consists of going to bed early! I’m excited.

Tuesday I practiced softball with Brenda, and we were SO HARDCORE, I ached all the way to last night from our 30 minute practice! She actually said I was really good! I’ve NEVER been complimented on my softball skillz before, it felt pretty special. Our first game is Monday…I’m kind of nervous, kind of not. Meh. The team knows what they’re getting by now, after the batting cages and practice;-)

Like I said, tonight’s my one free night this week. Tomorrow night I’m karaoke-ing, and Sunday I hope to go to a carnival! (Jenna, interested in the carnival? It’s in St. Louis! I’m going cuz the proceeds go to the charity Family Resource Center) Oh, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this Sunday. I’ll be going to the Basilica for Mass, and Sarah and Paul will be there. At first I was confident about the matter, but then Sarah emailed me yesterday, and it wasn’t anything mean, but just hearing from her or Paul fills me with such self-loathing; the whole situation has plummeted my self-esteem, so being reminded of the situation or of them fills me with this icky feeling that I’m not good enough. I mean, I WAS rejected by a guy AND a friend, how does one come out of that feeling totally capitol about oneself? Obviously not dealing with the feelings isn’t good, you gotta deal with it to be liberated from it, but ugh, it’s just so hard. So since her email totally killed my spirits and any self-worth I was feeling, I’m super dubious about the Basilica once again. So please keep me in your prayers, that my self-esteem will be THROUGH THE ROOF and that I’ll have fun no matter what.

What do you guys do when you feel down on yourself or to build yourself up?


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