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La la la

I may not go on the pilgrimage I was thinking of going on. It’d be cool, and it’s a life goal of mine to go on a pilgrimage, but see, here’s the thing—I haven’t officially signed up for it yet, and I don’t know, it may be too late. But also, it’s a two week pilgrimage, and that’s all I get for vacation time a year—two weeks. If I don’t go on the pilgrimage, I could have a week to go to Texas and visit John, Jami, and the kids (Baby Norah has hair!!! It’s this gorgeous auburn-ish color!!!), and have another week stored up to go on a discernment retreat regarding religious life. I don’t know of any places holding vocation retreats just yet—I would love to go back to the St. Cecilia Dominican motherhouse in Nashville and go on their vocation retreat, but theirs is in May, and I’d rather do something later in the year, cuz my fam and I are talking about going to Texas in June (Happy birthday to ME!). I suppose I feel like I should say ‘sorry’ for writing an entry or two on my excitement of the pilgrimage and then being all, “Just kidding, not going!” Guilty conscience, so sue me.

I have a softball meeting tonight, and I’m excited!! Cuz I love my teammates. Coach Adam is thinking I will play catcher, so I stopped by the house and picked up my old softball glove…well, I picked up my old one, but since it’s from when I was 6, it’s kind of small, so I also picked up Dad’s;-P My dad never played, but bought a glove to help Jackie and me practice. If you know my dad, you know how much that action spells ‘unconditional love’;-) If you don’t know my dad, all you have to know is my dad is NOT a sports guy. My mom was a sports girl, and it was from her my older sister got her sports interest, and it is from my dad that Jackie and I get our thorough anti-sports stance;-) I love the gender role reversal there. To finish up the siblings, my brother HATED sports, but now he’s getting more into them because Bennett is playing all sorts of sports…I believe he is currently on basketball. I baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the meeting tonight, and since our team colors are red and white, I decorated the cookies with red crystals and powdered sugar:-) I felt pretty adorable, and will feel even MORE adorable presenting them at the meeting.
I’m still not a very good baker, but I’m practicing! And hey, a cookie’s a cookie, ergo ALWAYS GOOD.

Oh, and season 5 of Doctor Who is *AWESOME*. If you're not watching it yet, why aren't you???



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