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I want to feel Jesus’ presence; I want to feel his love for me, but I don’t. I feel empty, and when people go on excitedly about God’s love for us and how awesome it is, I feel like a hypocrite or like a lukewarm Catholic. I’m NOT lukewarm, and I’m not a hypocrite—I KNOW this. And that’s what’s important. It would be special to feel Jesus’ love, but I’m sticking with Jesus through the good times and the bad, through sickness and in health, till death do us part—or till death unite us perfectly. I am sticking by my Beloved’s side even through my dry spells, and I need to remember, that makes me more genuine than any excited tone can convey.

Cute story for Easter! Easter was awesome, BTW. My mom, as you all know, was the one who always bought the gifts for holidays, including Easter (just one or two small things). So this year, Jackie took upon the duty of buying Easter gifts, and I helped her out. Then, Saturday night, I walk into the house and find Dad wrapping Easter gifts he got for everyone. Then Easter morning Angela and Don walk into the house with gifts THEY bought for everyone!>D It was like a mini-Christmas! So for Easter, I got lavender nail polish, earrings, a white flower bracelet, and a GORGEOUS candy dish. LOL! We were all so concerned no one would get anything that we all ended up with a basketful of goodies. It felt like a feel-good episode of some hokey, family TV sitcom;-P Oh! I actually talked about our extended family being a sitcom and using our stories for a sitcom, I talked about this with my cousin Stephanie—it’d be called “Everyone Knows a Marstall,” and we even came up with, like, 3 different catchphrases. I can’t really relay them to you over the written word cuz the catchphrase is all in how you say it.



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