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Today I remember my best April Fools’ joke. It’s not really that funny, but the reaction was epic. It was back in 2001, my sister-in-law Jami was pregnant with her first child—consequently my parents’ first grandchild and my sisters’ and my first nephew—and about ready to pop. I called up Ange, who was away at Truman, and I acted all excited, pretty much screaming with excitement into the phone, “JAMI HAD HER BABY!!!” And Ange, to the entertainment of her roommates, was jumping up and down and screaming into the phone, too (it was their idea I call her with such news, so they were in on the joke). Then of course I said April Fools’ and Ange felt like a totall patsy but was cool about it.
And then the NEXT day Bennett was actually born! He turns 9 tomorrow:-)

Tuesday I went over to my dad’s with Jackie, and we had Chinese, and afterwards I took over the family room basically to concoct everyone’s Easter basket:-) Everyone gets jellybeans, gumdrops, dark chocolate eggs, Laffy Taffy, Dove chocolates, and Easter eggs. Also a little gift, but that differs from person to person. Then I did a little Easter decorating for my dad (he said he didn’t feel like putting up decorations and then taking them down and we just hung out. (my mom had bought this really hokey Easter village to put up, and it was still in the box, so I was all excited to put it up, but Dad was all, “Eh…why don’t YOU take it for your apartment?”>D) When I was walking up the steps of our basement, Easter essentials in hand, I stopped in the middle, just overwhelmed by this sense of surrealness—I just thought of how I never thought I’d be in this position…decorating the house for my dad because my mom wasn’t around to do it. But I shook it off because Dad needs brave faces right now, and I’m trying really hard to keep a cheery demeanor amongst all the recent shortcomings of life and people.



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