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June 29th, 2010

I haven’t written in a long time….I find journals are a lot more fun when the person writes a lot of meaningless stuff, not the person who writes once in a blue moon to give you an overview of things. So I’ll try to refrain from sounding like a report.

Everyone’s heard the news now: Jackie’s engaged!!! After the initial excitement, I started thinking selfishly and pondering over what this means for my living situation. If someone wants a roommate, I’m free! I don’t think I’d want to live by myself, though lots of people have been mentioning how AWESOME living on your own is. I’m also wondering about moving back to the house; in the past, that wouldn’t have been an option cuz I would’ve felt too much like a slacker, but now that Mom died, Dad’s living in the two-story house all by himself, so I was thinking it might be nice to move back in and help him with the upkeep of the house, and since there’s so much room, SOMEONE should take advantage of it. And while we’re both (my dad and me) really quiet, we really just appreciate the mere presence of another person. I’m sure some people would stick up their noses were I to move back in, but the notion gives me some pleasure, so I’m not ruling it out.
I could also be like my Grandma Non, who moved in with her sister and her sister’s new husband when they moved out>D I think Jake would hate that, but it’d be ADORABLE, and it’d be pretty spiffy to follow so closely in my awesome grandma’s footsteps:-D My cousin Margaret said, “I’m pretty sure you guys would then need a sitcom.” My cousin-in-law Vince then said, “You’d need a catchphrase…’Am I interrupting?’”>D

My coworker is obsessed with M&M memorabilia, and she just bought a yellow M&M stuffed doll that sits on her desk and has his hand up in a perpetual wave. It’s pointed right.at.me. So he’s constantly looking at me and waving, and it kind of freaks me out. Then someone will stand in front of him, and I won’t be able to see him, but then that person moves, and GAH yes, he’s still looking at me.

I’m so excited about 4th of July weekend!!!!!!!!! We already get Monday off, but I also asked off for Friday and Tuesday because John, Jami, and the kids are coming in from Texas!!!!!! So not only do I get a 5 day weekend, but I FINALLY get to see my nephew and nieces!!!!! I’m packing my bags and spending the entire weekend at Dad’s, along with John, Jami, and the four kids, so yes, we shall be the Weasleys for that weekend. I’m looking forward to taking the kids to see fireworks on the 4th:-D I never really got excited about fireworks (other than when I was very little), but now I’m SUPER excited just cuz we’re going with the kids!!!
Because of their presence, I will be MIA for the whole weekend to everyone; every second will be spent with fam. Except for Tiara, she has special clearance to my time because she is visiting the same weekend, coming in from California!!!!!!! So I’m looking forward to seeing her, even if it’s just for one day!!!!!!! TIARA, COME HOME ALREADY!!! As you can see, my weekend is booked with crazy, busy FUNFUNFUN, and I’m EXCITED.
Oh, and this is really special, too—once my vacation is over, I won’t be sad, because the days following the end of my vacation, there’s fun stuff planned for them, too! Next Tuesday I’m going to Crossroads, my church’s young adult group, and Lindsey, my friend all throughout middle school and high school and now into grown-up land is giving the talk!! I’m so proud she’ll be giving the talk, but I’m also excited cuz it’s going to be a talk on the single life, which always makes for fascinating discussion! Then the next day, Wednesday, is the book club I’m a part of, where we’re studying John Paul II’s ‘Love and Responsibility,’ and not only would I be excited to be discussing such a masterful work, but after the book club meeting we’re going to all go swimming!! Random, late night pool party!! Woo hoo!



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