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ce qui me nourrissent me druit

26 January 1988
i am an eating disordered 20 year old junior at Clarion University in Western, PA.
originially from connecticut, my family moved down to DC after i left for my freshman year of college.
i hate it there, and long for connecticut every day.i love my family and my boyfriend, tony. he's the best to me, and makes me the happiest i've been.

This journal is just random stuff, including my struggle with my disordered eating. I am not one of those "wanarexics", it is an everday battle, and has been with me for almost 10 years

Vitamin Water is well balanced love.

Fight Club is bitch tits love.

Mary-Kate is Starbucks Addict Love.

Mary-kate is Gorgeous.

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photography is love
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polaroids are love
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dunkin donuts is love
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