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10:51pm 09/04/2005
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12:26am 03/03/2005
  don't leave yet, it's still early and i haven't even said a word. and i'm hoping that i might upset you by saying what i want to 'cause it's not like you don't know i've fallen for you but it's in my head and that's where you can't see it. and i thought that maybe if i had to bite the tips of my fingers i could stumble over words and tell you just how far before i hit the ground and i'm the type to think of all the wrong things to say and i will shut myself up and i'll never come out. i'll close all my doors and only show you the black spots where my eyes once were. i can say this, i can collect myself deep down and then come out punching
and i'll scream out loud.

03:47pm 25/02/2005
  later, gators.
i'll miss some of you.
but my time is up.
it's been fun.

nevermind, guys.

my life is at its worst point right now.
and there is nothing i wouldn't give to have it back the way it was.
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08:37pm 24/07/2004
  Hey! Everyone come and join sexy_and_17  
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12:02am 23/07/2004
  Hey! Join pure_beauties  
05:49pm 22/06/2004
  Come on! Just check it out!

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09:53pm 10/06/2004
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