"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

The last fortnight's highs and lows:

+ My new pc; ultra-shiny, uber sexy with ace Battle for Middle-Earth 2 game
+ Arrested Development series 2 on dvd, the funniest programme ever
+ Getting the origional Star Wars trilogy from Ed as an easter present (inspiring me to finally give up chocolate)
+ Wotsits
+ Finally getting a reservation to a swanky restaurant we wanted to go to for ages
+ Going to my business managers wedding on the 28th at Bosworth Hall; i've heard whats gonna be on at the musicy disco bit, sounds ace
+ The new Primal Scream song, Country Girl. I want Bob Gillespie's babies

- Ed being ill over the easter bank holiday weekend, and not bein able to gol to dinner to the swanky restaurant we booked :-(
- Oranges with rubbish peel that won't come off
- Kids who play football in my car park, the little buggers
- In fact, kids in general
- Buying Arrested Development from Virgin for £34.99, then seeing it 15 mins later for £20
- Finding a sofa for our flat; depressing
- DFS taking 10 weeks to deliver a sofa, how lazy
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"It's by a new band called Will Is Fat"

Yay! I'm now almost totaqlly settled in my new flat, woo! It really is ace..I was gobsmacked when we started getting things in, it was really starting to take shape. And i couldn't have done it with a better guy to be honest. He he he is sweet. I bought him a huge framed picture of New York to hang over the bed, and he bought me a huge glass-framed poster for Star Wars IV: A New Hope. Im gonna buy the orgional trilogy box set this weekend. Unfortunately that will leave me with £40...and i only got paid last friday, dear god!

Mums b'day this weekend so going back to Burton. Looking forward to it actually. Not as much as im looking forward to our company social event in June, cos we're going to see Dylan Moran live! He he i cant wait, hes so funny and talks like he permanently has a bottle of red wine in his hand :-D
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"I helped a fairy get a date?! I'm going to Hell for this!"

1. Yourself: Ace!
2. Your Lover: Eddy
3. Your Hair: Black
4. Your mother: Mumsie
5. Your Father: Git
6. Your Favorite Item: Bed
7. Your Dream Last Night: Sex
8. Your Favorite Drink: Frappucino
9. Your Dream Home: Bed
10. The Room You Are In: BIG!
11. Your Pet: Bertie
12. Who You Are Now: Knackered
13. Who You Want to be in Ten Years: Myself
14. What You Want to be in Ten Years: H.O.T.
15. What You're Not: Loaded
16. Your Best Friend: Edworth
17. One of Your Wishlist Items: Wenham ;-)
18. Your Gender: Male?
19. Last Thing You Did: Belch
20. What You Are Wearing: Blue!
21. Your Favorite Weather: Autumn
22. Your Favorite Book: Fellowship
23. The Last Thing You Ate: Flapjack
24. Your Life: Fantabuloso!
25. Your Mood: Full!
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"Hide the crucifixes, Beelze-Booze is here"

First post in a week or so. Hopefully getting keys to new flat on Thursday so we can start moving our things in, yay! Im chuffed just because me and Ed are renting at the moment but we're not allowed to put up posters or anything on the walls. I've seen a rather lovely canvas im gonna get this weekend, its kinda like your standing in the middle of a country road, and there are trees on either side oif the road and it just goes on and on, its quite nice actually. And ive found a really old Star Wars poster im gonna get a huge glass frame for to put up in the bedroom, it'll look ace.

I really just cant be arsed today. I was fdeeling all positive but i just left the house and it all went downhill from there, lol. Its only me and Donna in today, so ive just put on a bit of David Bowie really loudly and im gonna have a little bit of a dance :-D
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"Beverley Lesley is a homosexual, i repeat: Beverley Lesley is a homosexual"

Ohh, at work at mo, Amanda not in today so i see it's gonna be an unproductive day today :-D quite amused, we had our photos taken for the newspaper as its apparently fairtrade fortnight soon, or something. Its actually quite a nice photo of 5 of us, will put it up when i figure out how the hell you actually put pics on here :-S

Very impressed with myself, as we've started a suggestion box at work, with a new topic every month. This month was how to cut costs and reduce waste, and i won with my suggestion for a One Bin Day, where you stick all your rubbish in one bin in the office and that way you think about what your throwing away and whether it can be recycled etc, and you see how much waste your producing too. Well, i was impressed with it, until i found out the government had already had a One Bin day this year in February :-(

Off back to Burton this weekend, Ed's at his grandads funeral tomorrow, so will have to call him and give him some moral support. Hmm, i suppose i should get something done today. im so tired at the moment and somewhat shaking from an over-consumption of coffee...which i hate :-S
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"She's like a stepford hag"

Day off work ill, again. Spent pretty much doing nothing except eating mini eggs and watching series 7 of both Will and Grace and the X-Files. Ohh, eds cooking leek and carrot soup, with spinach and aspargus, he he yum-yum :-D
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"I need to restore my pride, my dignity, my manhood...that golden apron could do it for me"

Wednesday is here again...yay :-S

Its gonna be a pretty much boring day i guess. Though i swear i hate Radio 1 more and more everyday, i really do. I guess the only saving grace is that i only have to listen to 1 hour of Chris Moyles, whom i absolutely detest. What is the point of him? Hes just an arrogant gasbag who gets right on my tits. Im not sure i can bear listening to the same songs day in and day out without throwing myself out of the window.

Well, the flat was progressing quite well, though there was a delay due to the fact the sellers solicitors wouldnt hand over some recent documents. Wouldnt mind but the seller is desperate to get the house sold just before the start of the new tax year, but hes now out of the country and we cant get hold of him.

On a sad note, Ed's grandad passed away last friday, which has completely devestated his mum. Its the funeral a week this friday but im not going to be able to make it. DEecided to stay in Nottingham this weekend though and look after Ed.
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You do it to yourself

So bored. Currently, in bed, attempting to peel myself from the bed sheets. Surveyors coming round at 11 this morning, to, well, survey. Which unfortunately means i now have about an hour and a half to clean the flat. Dear god :-S

New pet hate: kids and, in fact even worse, adulkts who say think, and the number three with and F. If it was pronounced fink or free (well it is but just not for that) thats how we would all say it. Grrr, gets right on me tits.

Im so bad. Bought series 6 and 7 of the x-files yesterday, a couple of books including The Unfinished Tales by Tolkein and some various treats for me.

I decided to give up chocolate for lent. That lasted a whole 16 hours, yay me.
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