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Yay, friday finally. Its been a busy week this week, it really has. Most of the staff here have been in and out of the office all week. Im not really overly jealous that Lindsey is in Portugal as the weather here has been scorching. Admittedly im not a huge fan of this kinda weather, i dont really cope well in it lol. And i think i might be breaking out with hayfever, and, annoyingly, asthma. Its something that apparently can be hereditery and my mum developed it around my age. Bummer.

I have been religiously listening to the new Snow Patrol album all week. It reall is the best thing since sliced bread. I wasn't sure how good it would be, as i love Final Straw and When it's all over...so much, but it really is one of the best albums i've bought. My favourite track on the album is...hmm, i'm not overly sure. It's definitely between It's Beginning To Get To Me and Headlights On Dark Roads, they really are the stand-out tracks on there for me. I also like Hands Open just for my awful singing to it and Chasing Cars 'cos it makes me smile and think of my Eddy :-)

This week: -
+ Bleak House book for only £1.50 from the local shop for local people, absolute bargain!
+ My book collection not only containing Harry potter and Lord of the Rings, but some bloody good intelligent books lol.
+ My flat...still. What can i say, i love it!
+ Work this week. It's actually been a fantastic week here, and im doing some serious networking and getting my name out with the clients :-)
+ Serious David Wenham perving, he he he
+ Series 9 of the X-Files on dvd and subsequently completing the set :-)
+ Another bank holiday at the end of May, yay!

- Wishing i was in Australia, then waking up in Hucknall. Serious reality check lol
- My ridiculously unhealthy diet
- Both me and Ed being poor 4 days after being paid, ARGGHHH!!! Thank the lord for my credit limit!
- Not being able to enjoy the gorgeous sun with Ed, or my college mates, but being in an office. Boo-hiss
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