"Not the rum!"

Updates: -

Nothing really, 6 days into being 21, and it ain't all it's cracked to be! Got some nice presents though, few dvds, Empire sunscription, big bottle of Jack Daniel's, a digital camera, money and a bottle of Moet champagne, yum.

Had an ace meal with Ed, and went to see Pirates 2 again.

Pretty much it really, had an ace convo with Carly on the phone for ages t'other day, nice to catch up on the gossip :-)
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Standing on the rooftops, everybody scream your heart out

Best songs of 2006 (so far...)

1. Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor, Put Your Boots On (ace video, beautiful song)
2. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
3. The Kooks - She Moves In Her Own Ways
4. Lost Prophets - Rooftops
5. All-American Rejects - Move Along (*drools*)

Second worst song ever

Paris - Stars Are Blind, only cos it's a blatant rip-off of my least favourite song in the whole wide world, UB40's Kingston Town *shudders*
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Can you hear me Major Tom?

+ Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Fucking Awesome! It really was one of the best films i have ever seen. And the ending! As soon as it finished i wanted to see it again, but i can't believe we have to wait a whole year for it! grrr....
+ My birthday in 12 days! Woo-hoo 21 at last.
+ I'm finally getting my passport sorted. Me and Ed have fihured out our holiday budget for the next two years. This year we are either going to Sweden or Switzerland in october. Next year, it's Norway in April for Sam and Christina's wedding, Early June we are going to Florida and in October we are visiting either Rome or Paris.
+ My sexy new digi-cam still

- My passport photos - not much of a choice between two sets; it was either undead immigrant or psychopathic teen. In the end, we decided upon the undead immigrant look.
- The fact that lately, there have been way more positives than negatives
- Or not :-S Being far too lazy to write a proper journal entry.
- The heat. I'm definitely a mid autumn/early winter kinda guy. I like to wrap up in a big coat and scarf, not sweat bukets in my work uniform
- Fairtrade coffee - i'm bound to drink due to my ethics, but it tastes bloody awful
- Going out of my to try and put in energy saving measures into our flat, only to be told 5 m inutes after my 3 hour slog that our flat is so efficient, i wasted my time. Damn Ed.
- And my complete inability to spell or use correct grammar when i'm typing

I'n really now getting into the whole 'Save the World!' thing. Down with global warming, and stuff
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Come on, come on, put your hands into the fire

+ Actually posting on here after more than 5 weeks! I posted more when i didn't have the net.
+ Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest tomorrow, so excited! Hehe
+ Isle of Wight, had an ace time. If i can find out a way to upload some pics, I will do.
+ My Gary Lightbody crush, hehe :-D

- Watching You Are What You Eat last night. Totally rank
- Being on antibiotics for Glandular Fever...no drinkies for me. Or eating :-S
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"She said she wanted to keep her waggles warm, I thought it was a coy euthanism"

+ Green Wing! I love it, but I don't really like Mac that much, everyone seems to fancy him!
+ Boy Kill Boy, so good, they make me slighlty moist
+ Going out with work on Thursday. Despite the fact i was the youngest there by 12 years (at least) we all had an excellent night out bowling (can't believe I got the worst score!) and having a ridiculously large buffet
+ X-Men 3 next weekend, can't wait!
+ Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut - 12th June
+ Massive Attack
+ Work - Just gets better each week, sad to say i guess!
+ Having the longest phone chat with Weez t'other day, can't wait for her to come and visit/me go down to Portsmouth!
+ OH MY GOD, at last! Frasier series 8 on dvd next month! YAY!!!

- Not having enough time to reply to posts or people who reply to mine
- NTL - So glad i'm with a different net provider!
- Gits who let their mates park in my parking space, yet know that it's not a bloody visitor's car park - bastards
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My body is your body

WOW!!! I have tickets to see We Are Scientists on November 4th at Rock City in Nottingham with one of my work colleagues!

I've actually got a spare ticket, if anyone is interested...???
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(no subject)

Yay, friday finally. Its been a busy week this week, it really has. Most of the staff here have been in and out of the office all week. Im not really overly jealous that Lindsey is in Portugal as the weather here has been scorching. Admittedly im not a huge fan of this kinda weather, i dont really cope well in it lol. And i think i might be breaking out with hayfever, and, annoyingly, asthma. Its something that apparently can be hereditery and my mum developed it around my age. Bummer.

I have been religiously listening to the new Snow Patrol album all week. It reall is the best thing since sliced bread. I wasn't sure how good it would be, as i love Final Straw and When it's all over...so much, but it really is one of the best albums i've bought. My favourite track on the album is...hmm, i'm not overly sure. It's definitely between It's Beginning To Get To Me and Headlights On Dark Roads, they really are the stand-out tracks on there for me. I also like Hands Open just for my awful singing to it and Chasing Cars 'cos it makes me smile and think of my Eddy :-)

This week: -
+ Bleak House book for only £1.50 from the local shop for local people, absolute bargain!
+ My book collection not only containing Harry potter and Lord of the Rings, but some bloody good intelligent books lol.
+ My flat...still. What can i say, i love it!
+ Work this week. It's actually been a fantastic week here, and im doing some serious networking and getting my name out with the clients :-)
+ Serious David Wenham perving, he he he
+ Series 9 of the X-Files on dvd and subsequently completing the set :-)
+ Another bank holiday at the end of May, yay!

- Wishing i was in Australia, then waking up in Hucknall. Serious reality check lol
- My ridiculously unhealthy diet
- Both me and Ed being poor 4 days after being paid, ARGGHHH!!! Thank the lord for my credit limit!
- Not being able to enjoy the gorgeous sun with Ed, or my college mates, but being in an office. Boo-hiss
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"I'm just a love machine,"

I'm currently in the upstairs office on my own. Doing accounts :-S My job role has vastly greatened of late, there is loads that i'm now responsible for. MAybe i should just, subtily, hint that i need a payrise.

The flat, i have to say, is looking gorgeous. Everything hjad been pretty much sorted now, we just need to get a sofa, though we have at least got a couple of comfy chairs. My bedroom is just pure sex. Once i've figured out how the hell you put pics up on here, i'll post some. I particularly love the huge Star Wars IV: A New Hope poster thats above my computer desk in the lounge he he.

At the moment, i'm feeling pretty down. I've pretty much lost all contact with my friends, and i spend most of my time with Ed. Not that i complain about that, lol, but it'd be nice to hear from them. Might pop down to Derby in a couple of weeks and do something, go out or whatever. It'd be ace to catch up with the old college gang, what's left of them.

There's also a creepy scrathcing noise coming from inside one of the walls from the upstairs office, which, when you're here on your own, is pretty damn scary. Probably mice, but then again, it is an old georgian or victorian building.

This week in summary:

+ Work, suprisingly im enjoying it more than ever
+ Snow Patrol album out either this or next week, Eyes Open. Yay!
+ New Yeah Yeah Yeah's album soon too!
+ Liza Minelli in Arrested Development as a woman with chronic vertigo. Hilarious.
+ Lindsey's wedding this Friday, she has excellent taste in music, so hopefully no Abba at the evening do!

- Infernal - 'From Paris to Berlin'. Funny at first, but as always, overplayed by Radio 1
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