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It's all about making a statement

...and standing up for what you believe in

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Reggie & the Full Effect tour pt. 1
September 7th @ Highline Ballroom

The first show we went to was in New York City..
Nadja (falsepretences) showed me and aikku (cocolate) around the town before we decided to head out to the venue at around 6pm. That's when the doors opened. We thought there were gonna be a shitload of people, but then I realised that not everyone was into Warship or Leathermouth, so the rest would probably come later, as they did. The venue was pretty nifty, a little too posh for our taste. Because it was in such a shady area, we thought the venue was gonna be a pit hole but they served fucking candy in the bathrooms! and they had butlers! D: it also turned out to be smaller than we expected.
They were playing underOATH through the speakers which got me even more excited x)
We sat down to wait for Warhip to come on stage and just talked about stuff. It was quite difficult to hear one another speak though because UO was blastering in the background lol

Anyway before Warship came on, we spotted these three young girls who were dressed in black shirts that said "FR", "A" and "NK" or something like that. major *headdesk* right thurr.

Then it was time to party. Warship came on, they were awesome. I had only heard one song ("Toil") from them, through myspace (thanks to Darren who blogged about his "other band" through The Bled's myspace, otherwise i would've never checked them out!) and I instantly fell in love. They were awesome and I'm really proud of them. They did a fantastic job on this tour and they had only been a band for a couple of months.

lol this is how bad the pictures get if i dont use flash on my sucky ass 3,2 megapixel camera. alhough i kinda like this one :D

Then LeATHERMOUTH took the stage. Not as much fangirling was happening, which was very surprising, but still some shreaking.
Frank introduced the band and told people that they were there to do their shit, not to entertain, and that they didnt care what people thought about them. I love that little chubchub with the pedostache.
I couldnt just stand there and do nothing so I went to mosh a bit. You cant really call it a mosh pit but hey! we tried :D and i certainly had a blast bumping into the people infront of me who were desperately trying to take a picture of frank. HA.
At some point apparently some girl screamed "i love you frankie!" and frank said "hi cunt" back at her, and apparently the girls actually squeed over that O_o I was too much into the music and just.. everything (i guess you could say i was on a LM high) that i didnt really pay much attention to my surroundings.
Then this dude that was standing right next to me shouted "you suck!" a couple of times, just to test frank because he was a fan of LM's so he didnt actually mean it :D and frank said "i'll suck you baby" back at him. lulz, awesome.
And i booed at LM from time to time just to see the fangirls' reactions and it was hella funny XD
What else.. oh right! I donno which song they were playing next but, as usual frank introduced the next song and said something along the lines of "just come up here and sing with me, or if you dont know the words, just make up shit, like i do most of the time.."
And can i just tell you how fucking much i love "catch me if you can"? i fell in love with it last year already but now that you could actually sing along was just... MHHHMHHHH. Also "Monsters" was quite epic live :D

isnt he dreamyyy~? LOL

After LM was done, we went to the bathroom (i dont know what was wrong with my blatter that day but i had to use the bathroom atleast 3 times that night XD) and then sat down for a bit again. i was feeling weird after moshing and dancing so much. i felt like i was drunk even though i wasnt. it was so strange. i couldnt stand up straight and i felt like laughing at everything really.. we also saw steve with his girlfriend and andrew standing close to us which made me gleeful hehe it's nice to see that they havent had a falling out atleast. though im not sure about vince.. apparently he's got another project going on right now, he's not in march of the saints anymore either.
the whole show was like a leathermouth familyreunion, i saw hambone hanging with his friends and just hugging everybody, it was sweet :D frank didnt dare to come out and hang with his family and friends (jamia was there too of course) because of the fangirls probably XDD poor guy. cant catch a break.

MC Chris came on next. I didnt know what to expect. But little did I know i was in for a treat. He was fucking epic XD His jokes were great and his songs were lol-worthy.
I especially liked 'Nrrrd Grrrl', 'Fett's Vette' and 'OMC'.

After MC Chris was done, we went closer to the stage but then i had to peee AGAIN and during that Reggie comes on and I miss James's epic mummy costume :S
James Dewees is the funniest man i've ever met in my life. he would KILL as a stand-up comedian, im sure. I'm so sad i didnt realise to film his inbetweensongs-banter because it was funny as hell.
At one point someone threw a cookie on stage shaped as homer simpson's head. it almost hit james on the head too XD he made jokes about the cookie throughout the set. then he eventually ate it. apparently it was hard as a rock and he was very shocked that someone would try to aim at his head with it. lol
Seeing James and Frank sing 'Get Well Soon' together has pretty much made my life. Everytime i listen to it now, my eyes well up with tears because it brings back so many memories and i can just hear frank's tonedeaf voice singing "is it getting woooorse" in my head. (seriously, that kid could not sing to save his life XD just listen to this) but that's what made it all even more speshul~. *sigh*
moving on!
during some song i ran into the moshpit and because of my crazylegs someone pushed me and i fell on my fucking face! the most embarrasing thing ever but thankfully these two dudes picked me up and laughed it off with me XD i got kicked in the shin, elbowed in the eye and stuff. fun times <3 and there were actual guys in the moshpit too! :D
my body was so sore the next morning.
oh and WTF? the song 'F.O.O.D'?! AHHAHAH best shit ever. i had never heard it before so i thought it was some kind of an inside joke.

ps. common denominator rules, and not only because they're from finland. lol dang robbie looked good in that wig.. *wiggles eyebrows*

oh right, right in the middle of reggie's set james's keyboards ran out of batteries, so james was like "oh shit, anyone have any somethingsomething batteries?" and people started throwing batteries on the stage XD

he's got the infamous cookie in his hand right thurr :D


mc chris came to sing a song!

yeah shake that ass!


went to the bathroom, AGAIN, after the show, then went to find Darren because he said i should look him up at the shows when we talked on myspace. he's so fucking niiiice! and i cant believe he actually rememberd me because the last time we talked was like a month before.. so then i found him talking to warship's merch dude and i was like "yo darren!" and he said it was so nice to see a familiar face and pulled me into a hug :D then we talked about the upcoming shows and photography and playing the guitar and how it's always better to teach yourself than read manuals or get taught stuff hahah
i miss hiiiim :[ he gave me a free warship poster and i asked him to sign it, then aikku noticed that frank was talking to a few people while sitting on the edge of the stage so we said our goodbyes and walked over to frank and then we realised that he was talking to our friends kari and süssi.

it went something like this:

kari: ..we came from austria
frank: really? that's cool.
*butts in* and we're from finland! ;D
(i dont remember what he said back lol)
süssi: can you sign this?
frank: sure! i dont have a pen though...
me: oh, i have one! *sticks arm inside bag*
frank: ..leave it to the finnish people! :DD
*leans against the stage* so.. what's the deal with the white clothes?
frank: oh? uhh.. nothing really. just something we put up together.
me: oh so they dont have any meaning or anything?
frank: nah. why? what do YOU think it means?
me: well.. *takes a deep breath* the people on skeleton crew boards have a theory that the white represents purity but that, because you know.. LM is pretty dirty and grimey, you're not afraid to let it show and that it's okay to be dirty and messed up (or something along those lines lmfao, im not 100% what i said to him and because i wasnt prepared to give an answer to a question like that, the theory got a bit messed up but i think frank got what i meant..)
frank: hmm, yeah that works too! i like that.
me: so uhh.. we all know that you like batman.. did you go see the dark knight?
frank: i did. it was really good.
me: i know right? it was amazing. especially the joker. i went to see it 3 times.. in one week.
frank: woah, really?
me: yeah.. probably gonna go see it again soon.
frank: ive only seen it once but i should probably go see it again.
me: you definetly should.
me: what happened to your thumb btw?
frank: i kinda fell on it..
me: ouch. oh, speaking of falling, i fell on my fucking face during reggie in the moshpit XD
frank: oh jeez, you should be careful out there.
me: yeah i know my balance just fucking sucks..

i looked fugly so you will never see the original picture but enjoy this one, as my boob collides with frank's. his manboobs ftw srsly. <3

then i went up to fran and asked him to sign my warship poster and asked if it was okay that i'd shoot the bands on wed and if i'd need an actual pass, then fran yelled for their stage manager and he said i didnt need one so i was all YAYZORS im going to shoot all my fave bands as my first photography gig and then i went my merry way to james with aikku.
we told him we were from finland and that klaus is not actually a finnish name and he was like "yeahh i know but klaus has an german accent too so.." and then apparently fran's girlfriend heard us and yelled at someone saying "woah these girls came from finland!" XD we win. we were pretty famous by the end of the tour... lol i still dont know how bobbie knew where we were from in sayreville because i dont recall ever telling him that.. or maybe my memory sucks. oh well.

anyway enjoy this wonderful pic of me and james where my shirt matches his beanie.

then we headed outside and found nadja, we were looking for her for like EVER inside and then all that time she was actually outside already XD

anyway so then we wait for frank to come out again because nadja had missed him inside.
when frank first came outside there was this line on the other side of a barricade, all waiting for frank of course and i started laughing when they started making some noise and frank looked at me when i started laughing and i could tell from his face that knew why i laughed, then i shouted "good luck with the fangirls" at him XD
people then started loading the bus and then frank walks past us pushing this huge trunk. it was twice his size probably XD it looked cute. so then when he looked like he was ready we went to him and let nadja talk to him for awhile then i took a pic of her with frank and we left. and all this time the people in the line didnt even budge. haha silly kids.
also before we talked to frank again, hambone came over and nadja talked to him and he actually remembered nadja from like a year ago when she was at a fairmont show and hambone had given her his pencey prep shirt XD

After all that, we walked nadja back to the subway station and while heading back to the venue where we were gonna get picked up from, we walked past james and his wife. we werent gonna say anything to him cause we didnt wanna bother them but then james suddenly waves at us and shouts "hellooo finlaand" :D so sweet.

if you read all my ramblings, i salute you. if you didnt, i totally understand :D

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Sounds so freaking awesome. Glad you had such a great time!

it was awesome! and it got even better by the end of our little tour :D

Lmao, Helloo finland. LOL.

Was Mrs Jweez a hotty? I always imagine James would have married a hotty.

TY for the pics and account. I am soooo upset I couldn't go :(

Edited at 2008-09-24 08:18 pm (UTC)


she was actually! good call hahah

no problemo. im so upset for you that you couldnt go. i'd hate to say it but you really missed out on, a lot.. :/

(Deleted comment)
hahahah oops.

you know i was actually surprised i could even write this much. i mean after the shows i felt like i couldnt remember shit!
next time im filming everything XD

This is epic. Helloooo Finland.

Your photos are wonderful. And I'm pretty much going to show everybody what you wrote and say, "yeah, what she said".

hahah so were you at this show aswell?

wertica_ Expand
ooooh the memories <3 sniiiffflessss.
nelly, come back! nooow!

dude you know i would in a sec if i could! :[
i miss youuu <3 and i miss new york.

Vähänkö oli kiva lukee tätä :) Teillä oli varmasti niin hauskaa! Itellä on niin ikävä keikoille :S

aww etsä sit oo käyny pitkään aikaan?:S

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wertica_ Expand
wertica_ Expand
wertica_ Expand
so pretty much every single one of those boys are made of win?

cool :)

loved this review :)


yay im glad ^^

Now I'm singing "Food" and my father is laughing like whoa here.
Oh, the epicness of the "Hi cunt". Oh, I still crack myself when someone mentions it again and I remember all the discussion over S//C boards and god, it was epic.
Then this dude that was standing right next to me shouted "you suck!" a couple of times, just to test frank because he was a fan of LM's so he didnt actually mean it :D and frank said "i'll suck you baby" back at him. lulz, awesome
Just wondering, how this guy was? because... a friend of mine was asked to do it and he probably did it. Oh man.

And god, it's good to know that I wasn't the only one who watched "TDK" 3 times on the same week. With Joker's make up on the premiere. I have no life, at all.

you should seen my mom's face yesterday XD
ikr! i remember going to the boards after the first show and i was like.. say whaaat? when did this happen? that's so epic XD and then everyone started whining about it..
uhm.. he looked quite old. and a little chubby. atleast over 25 probably.

XD well im not that extreme. though i cant say dressing up as the joker on halloween has never crossed my mind... *rolls eyes*

wertica_ Expand
haha woah it sounds like you girls had a great time!
and i love that picture of bobbie. lmao. yay!

we did! :D
hahah oh you have no idea what's coming :D you need to see the pic of me and bobbie! it's so cute. haha

Thanks for the contribution to my vicarious touring...even if the tour is over xD

it will never be over in my heart XD how cheesy did that sound.. i dont want it to be over though :SS

love that little chubchub with the pedostache.
omginorite? :D

Also, you are really lucky about the minimal fangirling. 90% of the crowd at the show I went to was made up of Fanbrats.


oh jeez, we got fucking pampered! because the next show we went to in farmingdale was full of nutty fangirls. my ears are still ringing :S also in sayreville they were quite nuts..

(Deleted comment)
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wertica_ Expand
awwwwwww i wish i could've gone to that show too. i was at philly though, so i got at least one show, so i guess that'll do.

your pictures are lovely! and you got to meet them so that is awesome! :) i unfortunately got to simply stand in front of james while other people talked to him. :/ what can i say-- i'm a dork.

ps: can i snag a few of your pictures and maaaaaaaybe make them into icons? i suck at making icons, so they might never see the light of day, but i figured i'd ask before i did anything.

and you got the LAST show so that's epic enough :D

those pics are shit! i like the ones i got with my nikon d60 better x) aww well maybe.. i wanna say next time but im kinda feeling there wont be..? unless he goes touring with mcr again or you go to a fluxuation show :D

sure go ahead! the photos are fugleeh you can do whatever you want with them :D

wertica_ Expand
wertica_ Expand
The thing with the batteries was so funny hahaha xD

Thanks for the review, it was awesome.

ikr XD

np! glad you liked it :)

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