Can someone please tell me WTF's happening?

I just shot U2 last night at the OLYMPIC STADIUM OF HELSINKI, with 52,000 people around me... How did I end up there? I couldnt fully grasp the situation then and there and I still cant. Unbelievable! And two weeks ago I shot Iron Maiden. WHAT THE HELL?! :D

Next stop is getting an intership in Los Angeles next year with Ville Juurikkala. Cross your fingers! Maybe someday you guys will see my photos in Kerrang! or Rolling Stone.

Peace out.

ps. If you wish to see what other bands I've been shooting this past summer, go check out my portfolio


Man! I miss this place, and just writing my thoughts down.. Tonight I realised that I dont even have time to think anymore. I've probably lost the ability to even.. It's been so hectic for the last 6 months, it's crazy. But at the same time I cant stop it. Everyone keeps saying i should get rid of my other job, the one at the gym but I just cant.
I'm sorry for not being in contact with any of you these days! The only website i use these days is Facebook, because I'm so busy with work and school all the time that I just cant get my thoughts around any other websites, if you know what i mean. I really wanna know what everyone's up to but I cant find the time to read any updates! :<

Here's some of my updates in life:

- I'm getting my tattoo (the one with the two orchids) in three weeks.
- Been living on my own for a month and a half now. Totally loving it.
- I went to Berlin on March 17th, and came back on the 23rd. Got to see 30STM on the 17th and then underOATH with Architects on my bday <3 here's some pics from the trip I'll be adding more tomorrow probably.
- Saw underOATH and Architects again this Friday. I cant get over how amazing Aaron and Chris are! Also got to shoot both bands, and throughout the set <3 I guess I really made an impression on Aaron back in Berlin because when I got to meet Tim in Helsinki, he said Aaron had told him about me hahahah NGHHH i miss them all. They're amazing people. Architects are fun too :D
- What else? Idk, I guess not much. School's a bitch because of all the homework I'm unable to do because of all the work I have outside of school. Blah. Oh right! THE boy is making me frustrated because he cant decide what he wants out of life. GAH. Whatev~
- Got to shoot 30 Seconds to Mars in finland too. crappy pics this way

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epic start for the year!

Some of you probably by now that ive been trying to find my own place for about two years now, and i came to the conclusion a month ago that i dont really spend that much time at home anyway so i wouldnt need a whole apartment to myself (which i probably wouldve never found with a reasonable rent anyway) so i decided to apply for a room in a student-apartment. i only applied last saturday and i already got a letter on wednesday offering me a 15,7 m2 room in an apartment which is located in the most perfect place! It's much closer to my school and the gym i work at and it's got a trainstation right next to it and a mall and everything!
I'm moving on Feb 1st! ^____^