Robert Hanton (vitriol_) wrote,
Robert Hanton

I return unbroken

I spent the weekend on a company ski trip. On the downside, the location (Hemsedal) is four hours drive from Oslo, and to save money we flew from Stanstead to Torp, so we essentailly lost a day to travel each way, setting off at an ungodly hour on Friday and getting back Monday evening. On the plus side, the company paid for travel and most of the meals, so we only really had to stump up for equipment hire and accomodation.

I haven't skied in ages, since I was fifteen if I remember rightly, and while other people have been learning on dry slopes before they went I hadn't bothered, so I was a little unsure whether or not I'd be able to remember what on earth I was meant to do. Fortunately, it all came back very quickly, and since I much less malcoordinated than I was when I was young I'm probably actually better than I was back then.

Anyway, the whole thing was enormous fun, and I pretty much spent the entire weekend either skiing, drinking or sleeping (and not a great deal of the latter). Impressively, major injuries were avoided by all.

On the house front I'm now just about sorted - I bought a matress yesterday, and that should be delivered next Thursday. There are still some things that need sorting out in the longer term - I could do with some proper kitchen chairs, along with a sideboard and maybe a coffee table for the living room, but I'm going to take a breather before I start in on all that stuff. Next step is to sort out a housewarming
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