Robert Hanton (vitriol_) wrote,
Robert Hanton

Warm and cozy

I spent yesterday schlepping boxes and sofas and the like into my new house - the run-up to the move was all a bit fraught as the varying excuses banks use to hang on to money for as long as possible meant it took over a week to transfer the money from my NS&I account to current account and be able to pay it out - as such I was making the bank transfer at about the last possible moment.

In the end it all worked out OK, though, and the house is great. Big, too - my sofa, which used to look quite large in my flat, looks much smaller in the new living room (especially since there's absolutely nothing else in there at present). I'll post pictures once I've got things squared away.

Over the weekend I'll move the last few bits and pieces out of the flat and clean it before my tenancy expires on Monday - I'm likely to be without net access for an undefined period; I can check emails and the like at work, but if you need to get hold of me in a hurry over the weekend ring instead.
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