Robert Hanton (vitriol_) wrote,
Robert Hanton

A LARPing we will go

LARP has always seemed one of those things I'd enjoy, but I've never had the impetus to actually take part in properly. But this weekend I was invited up to Broxbourne to monster at a Lorien Trust Lions event - monstering meant I didn't have to worry overmuch about character or kit, but could just focus on hitting people with latex weapons.

It was a great weekend - ran around a scout camp in a variety of costumes and makeups hitting people and falling down a lot. I mostly eschewed talky roles (due to lack of setting knowledge) for hitty roles, but the Lions tendency to heal and interrogate fallen foes meant I got some impromptu talking in anyway; I also got to yell at PCs as a nigh-unkillable bear-man leader at one point.

I was also impressed by how good people were at pulling blows, even in the confusion of a melee - I took one hit that was too hard (a pole-arm to the back of the neck as I was standing up) and even then the wielder came over to apologise once the battle was over. I've still got various bruises and nettle stings, but those were from overenthusiastic falling down on my part. And a shield-wall of fifty or so people in full kit looks pretty impressive (particularly when you're standing ten feet away wondering how to breach it) - I can only imagine what the final battles at the Gathering must look like.

Thanks very much to littlegemma, Ben and everyone else for putting me up, lending me kit, explaining the rules (repeatedly) and everything else.
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