Robert Hanton (vitriol_) wrote,
Robert Hanton

A restless night

I was woken up at around 2:15 this morning by a crashing noise from the other side of the house. Since in my time I've managed to cheerfully sleep through fire alarms, storms, and a couple of earthquakes, it must have been a hell of a noise. Anyway, there are a few more bumps, so I pull on my dressing gown and slippers and grab a torch.

Anyway, since the security light on the side of the house was on I take the opportunity to open the window and peer out. Sleep-fogged brain takes about thirty seconds to realise what's odd about this image before it clicks - the downstairs roof of the extension to the office downstairs is missing, and I'm looking at bare boards. Burglars did, in fact, try to steal my roof.

Stomp downstairs, to find the lead roof in a crumpled pile by the side of the building, whoever was there having legged it (I switched the lights on to find my stuff, so they had some warning). Quite how they were planning to move it is unclear - the gates were closed, so they must have come over the fence, and a 6x9 foot roof produces quite a bit of lead.

Anyway, I spent the next hour or so waiting for the police, giving a statement and so on - the police wanted to know if I'd be prepared to testify if they caught the guy(s); I said yes, but since the lead wasn't actually taken and they didn't take fingerprints or anything, it's unclear how they'd prove beyond reasonable doubt they had the right guy even if he was caught prying next doors roof off. Talked with the people from the office this morning about it - landlord's been informed, everyone seems pretty laid back (and it doesn't really affect me, since the extension's ground-floor only, not part of the flat).

It then took me about four hours to get back to sleep, so at this point I'm mostly operating on caffeine. But now I've had some and have perked up a bit, I can see the funny side - burglars tried to steal my roof.
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