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Presents and Politics

First, THANK YOU JENNIE!!! :D *Hugs* She gifted me a year-long LJ subscription, and by doing so has basically made my day - or year, since that's how long the subscription lasts. ♥

Secondly, Bob Rae has been selected to babysit the Liberals! This means that since Iggy stepped down, Bob has a certain amount of control over things, but he's only supposed to be leader for six to eight months, and he cannot run in a federal election. Essentially, he's a stand in, and he said this:

They say that victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. My own sense is that we need to keep assessing what happened, what went right, what went wrong, lessons to be learned, without getting into the 'blame game'. And then we need to take those lessons and move on, with good humour and good grace, to the days ahead.

Michael Ignatieff is a friend of mine and deserves our thanks for his strong devotion to the cause, as does Zsuzsanna and his team. There is never shame in fighting and losing.

♥ My IggyBob. Here's a picspam!

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It could have been longer, but I have to go to work! I ought to get back into the habit of making picspams anyways.

Any requests?