Chantal (violet_light_) wrote,

“You’re gonna break your neck, then it won’t be so funny,” says my dad when I went down stairs to get soup to make lunch. Oh, I never realized that my situation was funny. And I can’t help but be under the impression that if I wasn’t getting things for myself he would tell me that I was babying my foot, and that it’s not really broken and that I’m making a huge deal out of it. Besides, I can get up and down the stairs. Christ, there’s only five of them. Why don’t you go back outside and leave me alone?

Anyways, so I almost broke my foot last Tuesday, it still hurts to walk on it and I sort of miss being able to go for actually walks but on the other hand, having to sit down all the time means more time for reading and writing and Will Ferrell, who I’ve developed a massive crush on since last I posted. <3

Other than that blackdrazon was here for a week, and that was fun, and then I’m starting university in two weeks. mel_b_91 is my roommate, so that’s gonna be wicked, and we’re sharing an apartment with two other girls, one who is from Toronto and the other from Ottawa. I’m writing a BA in English Literature, and I may or may not end up with a “minor” in History. Time shall tell, I suppose!

I should really try and participate more on LJ. Lately I’ve sort of stepped back and taken to sifting through my friends page and wandering aimlessly through communities, and I’m sorry about that. It probably has to do with the fact that I’m not a part of any major fandoms. I just have The Producers, Joker/Harvey, the Trailer Park Boys and The Tragically Hip, all of which are fairly dead fandoms. It doesn’t help that augrah and lovely_fraulein aren’t around very much. I miss them both a lot. :(

I guess I’ll work on a new LJ layout today, and then I’ll have to post my prom picspam finally, as well as a “review” of The Tragically Hip concert I went to on August 1st!
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