Presents and Politics

First, THANK YOU JENNIE!!! :D *Hugs* She gifted me a year-long LJ subscription, and by doing so has basically made my day - or year, since that's how long the subscription lasts. ♥

Secondly, Bob Rae has been selected to babysit the Liberals! This means that since Iggy stepped down, Bob has a certain amount of control over things, but he's only supposed to be leader for six to eight months, and he cannot run in a federal election. Essentially, he's a stand in, and he said this:

They say that victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. My own sense is that we need to keep assessing what happened, what went right, what went wrong, lessons to be learned, without getting into the 'blame game'. And then we need to take those lessons and move on, with good humour and good grace, to the days ahead.

Michael Ignatieff is a friend of mine and deserves our thanks for his strong devotion to the cause, as does Zsuzsanna and his team. There is never shame in fighting and losing.

♥ My IggyBob. Here's a picspam!

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It could have been longer, but I have to go to work! I ought to get back into the habit of making picspams anyways.

Any requests?

Rick Genest; A Picspam

I found this guy through Tumblr, at first was sort of terrified, and then sort of attracted to him, and once I found out that he has the cutest French-Canadian accent of all time, I was sold. Rick Genest is a model and circus performer from Montreal, Canada. Yes, the tattoos are real, and according to Lady Gaga, who modeled and performed with Rick in her Born This Way video, he's been into tattoos since he was young, sticking those temporary ones from gum packets all over his face.

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the tragically hip

Everyone Ignore This Except For Angel! XD

So, I really hope this works! :) If you just highlight and copy everything in this box (which I hope shows up properly). Then you go to edit Chapter One of Trinity's Story and delete whatever text you have there already. Make sure that the tab on the top-right corner is set to HTML instead of Rich Text, and then just paste everything exactly as it is within this box! It SHOULD work. We'll just have to try it and see! Maybe test posting it to this journal first to make sure. *Crosses fingers!* :P

the tragically hip

Some Tragically Hip Icons

Hi guys! I'm home for the weekend, and I took the opportunity to make some icons from the Last American Exit music video. Actually, I think one of them is also from the Small Town Bringdown music video. Anyways! There are twelve of them, and I made a few White Collar and Trailer Park Boys icons as well but not enough to make a batch, unfortunately. Fortunately I'm going to start like, mega-screencapage for TPB, and over time I'll make a lot of icons! Until then,


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Icon Post

8, Gordon Downie
4, Gordon Downie/Paul Langlois
4, Mr. Lahey/Randy


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P.S.: I just listening to my Stone Temple Pilots CDs for the first time in like, two years, and OMFG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I FORGOT HOW EVERY SINGLE SONG IS JUST MIND-BLOWINGLY GOOD! <3
the tragically hip

An Icon Post/Requests

I don't have a very big flist, and people aren't like, OMGOMG YOUR ICONS but I think I'm gonna try and take requests! So...


The only issue is that I don't have my icon-making stuff at university with me, so if I don't get your request until the middle of the week they will have to wait until next weekend, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for anyone! :)

I don't have any rules for requests. I'm pretty flexible. The quality of the image isn't even that big of a concern. I'm a part of some pretty non-existent fandoms who don't do high quality photoshoots, so it's all good. :)
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