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i've changed my LJ's layout. like it? i think i'm starting to.
i don't care about this thing anymore, but in this precise moment i am so bored that i just needed to do something. so here some pics for your delight.



This is me in the streets of New York, laughing like an ass.

Mh... see, they're too big. so i'll just leave this one. enjoy.

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es... Miranda!

((el sábado 8 de mayo toca Juana la loca en Niceto)) [!!!!!!!!!!!!]

mh it's friday night. i'm leaving in a while, i just thought i'd say hi after being away from a couple of weeks. i'm starting to forget about my LJ, and my flog, and the forum, and everything. and it's fine. it is cause i have been so fucking addicted to this shit!! i would spend hours and hours.
i still do, but it's getting more normal.

mh. on wednesday (may 5th) is my birthday =) yeayy.

i'll update some of these days, and i'll post some pics too.

bye bye.


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i'm back

i've been away for almost two weeks and i'm back now. ive been in new york and miami (US).
the moment i arrived home was sad. it was hot, and i had to carry my lauggage all the way up to my room. it was heavy, and i am the weakest person you will ever meet. but then i opened it and i saw all the cute stupid thingies i bought and it made me happy. i'm kind of a materialistic person. we all are in a way. but i'm not ashamed of saying it. i bought some beautiful pair of shoes, and docs. i'm really happy with them. and then, some leopardish thingies that i love. i'll post some pics then.
now i'm doing my homework, so i'll leave.

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just hold me like a girl

i am the captain of the gravity, Maxwell
everywhere i see your faces....
hot oneeeee
from the starship over Venus to the sun
but it's a crime! you're mistaken
momentary seizure of love...
(Shudder to think - HOT ONE)

This song is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard in the last years. i mean it. (it's from Velvet Goldmine for the ones who don't know it) it's completely otherworldy, just like the movie itself. i love that movie. yesterday i woke up early and suddenly i HAD to see it again. so i went to the moviestore and brought it home and saw it 4 times. and today i saw it once again. it kills me.

-.... but darling, i'm a mess!

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i found this today on the velvet goldmine community. i know it's nothing, but i like Wild.. so.. here it goes. hope it workds (i wonder why i always say the same thing)

Which Oscar Wilde quote are you? by avana4
favorite color
quoteWhenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong.
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he's a magic man

Well, i made a new Placebo community with burger_queen_. check it OUT!
i was added to a Tim burton fanlisting, too. so i'm happy. chek that out (www.timburton.so-rocks.com).
i am strating to get along with this whole livejournal thingy, so i am kinda exited and i </span>

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I am part of this Velvet Goldmine community now. Click the image and be part too ;)

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