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get thee to a nunnery!

This is a major achievement, I daresay.

Having had no sleep in over 24 hours, one cup of tea, a couple sips of coffee with sugar and cream, and 3/4 of a plain bagel with cream cheese, I sat through and understood Tom Stoppard's, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. All three hours of it. I did not read the play prior to seeing it, though I have done a tremendous amount of work on Hamlet, as I have repeatedly said. But what do I have to say for myself? HEADS!

(The actors rehearsed for only ONE MONTH and have started performing it. It is awe-inspiring.)
belle of the bullshit.

I wrote a letter that I never mailed.

Despite the fact that I like all of my professors quite a bit, I am going back to CCM next semester. While I am sure there is a good reason why I have not had my effective speaking class for three classes in a row, it annoys me. Considering as the class is a requirement for graduation at SCCC, they have like ten bazillion teachers teaching it. There is an effective speaking class directly before mine. Sure, it is not highschool and we should not be needing substitute teachers, but it just is rather idiotic. CCM's atmosphere is a lot nicer, they have been doing a lot more theatre stuff and the campus is a lot bigger. SCCC is so small it feels like you are always running into the same people. Very weird. What I have been thinking about doing is doing a lot of art classes (dance, theatre, some visual) and get started on an AFA (considering as I have been thinking about double majoring, I do not see how such could hurt.)
      Over the weekend I went to a small poetry reading at SCCC which was poetry for two voices. Both people performing were from Genesis Farm and I never put their faces with their names, but they are always around. They did this weird prose-poem of Gertrude Stein's and a passage from the book, Invisible Cities which I really want to read. The second one, which was at the Institute for Spiritual Development two minutes from my house was poets from New Jersey. There was a man, Joe Weil, who looked like a chipmonk but got up and read a Ginsberg poem (the one about Walt Whitman, though I do not remember the name) with a harmonica. And he was not really reading but he was singing and it was really awesome. Then he did something of his own on piano about Elizabeth, Jersey. While all of the reading was very good, his performance was just that: a performance. It reiterated my feeling that writers (the highest of artists) can do any kind of art there is (acting, singing, instrumentation, etc., etc.) It was wonderful. When we were walking out it was nice to see him smoking a cigarette in front of the graveyard (which is directly behind the church.) He seemed more human.
      After that I went to see Mousetrap, by Agatha Christie, at KRHS. Agatha Christie should have stuck to novels and what not, her play was inconsistent as all hell. It was like: fuck! Shut up! (Because of her bad, bad writing.) I will say that I prefer a more minimalistic stage, but that is an opinion. After that Katie and I went to the cast party and then we left. And Will is a scene kid and that either makes me laugh or sad. No, I know: it makes me laugh. Har, har, har. After all was said and done, I went home and watched bits and pieces of the superbowl. Got bored, am here. I forgot to mention that I went to karate class on Saturday morning, also. The interesting thing about that was that I was on time, bowed on after the juniors were off, and bowed in when Mr. N gave the direction. Me, Jake, and John (all ni-kyus) including a few other black belts were there. Five minutes in: a purple belt. Five minutes after: another purple belt (Mr. N getting visibly annoyed.) Ten minutes later: a brown belt. Meaning: lecture. In a way, I felt vindicated because it was so unfair and I was afraid that he wasn't going to say anything. Not that I actually thought he wasn't going to say something, but... y'know. It just was like, "A brown belt is the last person on the floor? There is something wrong with this, man. Seriously wrong."
      That is all. I am going to see A Midsummer Night's Dream on Tuesday morning, and I assume that it will be wonderful. I hope you all are well!
three words.

"That's (her), stretching out with one foot in the box."

Reasons why I will be posting more in the following months: Collapse ) Why, do you ask, will I be posting more? Procrastination, of course! This takes effect on Tuesday and will include quite a bit of other things which... I know are there but kind of forgot about. Yes, I still feel like I'm god and there seems to be no end in sight. I feel like I am limitless, like I have absolutely nothing keeping me static. Almost any and all things that I once was, I feel like it is absolutely okay for me to be anymore. It isn't even that I have been questioning who or what I am, it really is that it isn't the important factor anymore. I am me, right now, exactly what I am until I change again. Right now, really, there are very few labels that suit me: karate-ka, writer, experimenter. You never know, I guess; but right now, I am happy. This is great.
      Yesterday the first CCSC concert of the year happened and it felt like it went on forever. It just did not end. The little kids in Bel Canto, however, were absolutely the most adorable ever. They did the, "So long, farewell!" song from The Sound of Music, and it was somewhat choreographed. We (concert choir) were watching them before the concert began and the high-pitched, "Awwws!" were coming out of everybody, even probably the few guys we have in the choir. They were just that cute. We had 6 boring songs which were incredibly uneventful and we didn't do extremely well or bomb in any big way. If you take into consideration how mediocre this choir has become, it was probably one of our better concerts in quite awhile.
      Now, I have a question for you guys which is going to take a paragraph to ask. (BACKSTORY!) I went to student orientation at Sussex a few days ago, and they said that they were very receptive to students questions and suggestions. Their theatre productions (which started late last year with Godspell) have been exclusively musical (the upcoming one is Reunion which is a six-peopled musical about the civil war. Boring.) However, I know that they have a dramatic arts major which means there must be drama going on that is not musical (presumably.) Do you think it would be outlandish to see if there is some way for drama (ex. music) to be happening more often? As in, do you think it's plausible for me to garner support with the faculty? Eh, we'll see. Depends on how much energy I have.
      Anyone have anything remarkably interesting to share (can be either your story, someone else's, or a complete and total lie)? (Pimp?)