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three words.

No one wants to be alone at Christmas time.

Since January 2nd, 2005, I have been saying that the year is almost over. Now that it is December 1st I have to realize that it actually is almost over. It is an awful pattern that I have created for myself, I have been wishing these years away since 2002/3 (I can no longer distinguish between those two years.) Despite the fact that I do not really believe in making resolutions, I think that I will make one for 2006: Thou shalt not wish the year away. This year, like every other year, has been strange. This year also sucked for the first half, but the second half has actually been pretty fantastic. This year, also, is the first year that I have had disputes which I have not resolved. These disputes which I have cited, also, I have no intention to resolve. You know, it really is funny, because I do not seem the type to want things to be "all better," but I am. There are some that I wish I could resolve, but I do not think that they will be washed away for quite some time. Maybe this month will be like a cleansing? Even if it is not, I will try to make it so.

"Here comes the cold, break out the winter clothes..." (Oh! THREE DAYS TO SHIAI!)