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three words.

The reclusive neighbors.

The red house next door to mine used to house an old man named Jim. Jim was a social butterfly who liked to feed on the grapevines. You could barely believe a word he said, but he still talked to everyone on the block as he walked his dog, Woody. His wife rarely came out of the house. When she did, she went into her backyard which had a pool and was fenced in. Jim died several months ago and his wife, Betty, remains there. She's incredibly reclusive, but her kids come up once and awhile to mow her lawn, keep her company, etc. In front of my house, there is a very small one to two person house. An old woman, seems to be in her 60s, moved in there after the house had been on the market for months. No one can stay in that house for more than a year. A snooty couple from New York had moved in, but realized that New Jersey was... New Jersey. They did not realize how long it would take for the house to sell. However, it did.
      This old woman, whose name no one appears to know, moves in with a white car. The first day she moved in, we saw her sitting in her car for over an hour. Strange. As many of you are aware, the heat in New Jersey has been ranging from hot to motherfucking incredibly hot. Everyone, at this point, has succumbed to putting in their air conditioners despite the price of electricity. The woman across the street, as we've found out today, has no electricity. She's driving a brand new car and living in a house that actually cost a lot of money (even though it's so small.) Strange. Even stranger still is that she still sits in her car, and never opens the windows in her house... ever. No one has ever come to visit her. Betty, who we've heard tell, thinks that this woman's situation is incredibly strange. Several days ago, I came to the conclusion that has been fortified: the woman moved into the house to die.