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belle of the bullshit.

My dear Lady Disdain -- are you yet living?

Men wonder why I don't have a boyfriend. Women don't wonder, they think it's good that I don't so I can focus on my education and things such as that. Yes, I do have my own musings on these subjects. And, to be perfectly honest, I have always enjoyed reading and/or seeing story-book romances with termagant women (i.e. Much Ado About Nothing, Pride and Prejudice, etc.), and fancied myself the woman in those roles. Though, I have often wondered why I have not come across any for two women. See, the male characters in those aforementioned stories are written in the way that I would choose a lover. I love the never-failing wit (perhaps, more even, the never shutting up); and, to be contradictory, the strong silent time who is awkward without knowing someone. The intelligence is striking, though the looks never hurt. But, while there are some men who I think are worthy of me, I have very little attraction to the majority of their sex (even though they may have the qualities which I prefer.) Why haven't I read stories in which I could be the termagant female character to another female character? I wonder what people would think!