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three words.

Viva la revolution.

Considering as there are some people, I'm sure, who are pro-war, I ask you to simply disregard this or answer intelligently. I know that there are some who have been pro-war who have been eloquent *cough, cough*, so that's the exception. Thank you. I don't mean to start a huge argument, however.
      On September the 24th there is going to be a march on Washington, DC. Originally there were going to be two marches because the organizers had had a split. Mid-August they decided to unite the marches. I wasn't going to go to one of the marches because they both would have been small. However, since they've united, I think it's going to be pretty big. If you take into consideration the persistence of Cindy Sheehan along with the slow response, and in someways denial, of the government in regard to Katrina, I think people are going to be getting interested. The recent events, in my belief, may bring about a change in our country's consciousness. May, at least. Either way, there are some serious changes about to come about in the coming months. Whichever side of this war that you're on, I think you have to agree with that. The high price of gas means that food products from the grocery store are going to go up, also.
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</small>However, I will say: Hannah, your card made my day yesterday. <3