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three words.

You want the truth! Well, okay... (feel free to skip this.)

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9: Signed up for classes at SCCC on Monday morning. Taking: Effective Speaking, Chorus I, and Photography (which I got the last seat in the class in.) Yayness.

Right now I should be studying for my astronomy test, which is tomorrow afternoon. There is also an art history review (for a test) which Wollock (the teacher) told us to study for, and to come in with questions. I, however, am opting to study for the test which I'm actually having tomorrow, and study for the art history test over the weekend (the test is on Monday.) The shiai is on Sunday as is the Watergap Singer's concert. I am staying at the shiai for and hour and then rushing to the concert. It is 12:38 and all I really want to do is clean up a bit and then continue reading, Queen of the Damned. Two more chapters of astronomy to read! Yay! (Did I mention that's about 70 pages? At 12:38AM. And the test is tomorrow. Yep.) Be well.