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get thee to a nunnery!

Cry, "Wolf!"

Poor, poor Connie did not get to come to A Midsummer Night's Dream this morning because her car, basically, broke down. :( However, the others came and Jamie (associate director of the educational department at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey) filled the theatre with homeschoolers. It was rather impressive how much networking he had done for this performance. It was the first showing of the new Shakespeare Live's cast of Midsummer and it was awesome. They were so fresh and Helena was hilarious, the mask for Bottom was perfect, and Puck succeeded in making everyone laugh. However, I still don't understand why Hippolyta is portrayed almost timidly. She doesn't act timid, and wasn't she the queen of the Amazons or something? Majorly strong female figure is what I've always imagined her to be. (I've seen this live prior to this and I wasn't satisifed, and I'll be seeing in in March again, hopefully.) Maybe it's me, though?
      Effective Speaking was in session today and he is an awesome teacher. He told us that he had the plague and that cognac and vitamin C seemed to work. It was weird because prior to class I was reading Henry 4, pt. 2, and he asked me what I was reading. I told him and he said that he had had a dream that night that he and his friend were fighting over who was going to play Falstaff in a production of that play. It was weird, I must say. He had us pull an Aesop moral out of an envelope and then write a fable about it, and we all had to tell our little story as an impromtu speech. He gave us 8 minutes to write something, but I wasn't happy what it was that I wrote. So I winged something about a guinea hen and a fox. I've finally used a guinea hen in an articulate way and I think that it's awesome. However, that be all. Be well.