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and after before.

Madness be this!

Where to begin? It isn't as if I've been a very active LJer for quite a long time in terms of posting or commenting. Don't think that I haven't been reading, because I most assuredly have been. I've even been reading some of the more tedious journals on my list (read: if you're reading this, you are not one of them.) It's not like there hasn't been much going on; on the contrary, as it always is, there is an excess of things going on. Of course, there are things going on which I do not want to post here for public consumption or for specific people. As for things of a less delicate nature which have been going on, it's all mundane student bullshit. Many of you know the drill of sleep, food, class, food, sleep... or a schedule similar. My classes are going well which I feel like I have said every single entry I have made since the beginning of this semester. My effective speaking teacher is, "the best teacher. Period." which I am tending to agree with, especially in any school systems.
      There is supposed to be a snowstorm in Vermont on Thursday which means that my mother and I are leaving early for Goddard College. That means that we are leaving tomorrow morning and spending five days in Vermont. For those of you whom I have recently been speaking with over AIM, you know that I am really, really, really excited about the program and blah, blah, blah. That is yet another which I am tired of recounting. Désolée for either the tedium or the ambiguity. CCSC kids get to do a stupid concert which is going to be televised on the local channel. I get to go off and be intelligent with a playwright who has degrees in theatre. My education rocks the socks off of yours, man. ;) Other than that, I simply need to be packing and things of that nature. Be well.