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belle of the bullshit.

12:07. So much to do.

As it is the 51st day of the year, I have completed 15 books (three of which Francesca Lia Block while the rest have been purely Shakespeare) and already gotten through one of six speeches for my speaking class. I have been writing more since the demise of the writing group in October which left me without any deadlines to attend to for my artistry (if you choose to call it that.) Last night, while dreaming, I wrote a poetic form which I have been meaning to write for sometime now. It was horrible. I'm glad I slept through it. However, I hope to re-write it while lucid (yes, lucid) and wide-eyed. Not tonight.
      My hair has become wavy and that is really, really quite odd as my hair has never been wavy. It has, in the past, been longer so it might be the four inches less of weight has given it bounce. Recently, my mother has joined an artistic community via yahoo groups consisting mostly of unschoolers. Yesterday someone mentioned having a retreat, and my mother theorized that it might be held in North Carolina. That is, if it ever happens. Cool, right? Especially with all of the "Experience North Carolina" ads they've been running up here in the past week. Oh well.
      What I want to do today is finish up Henry V (which, I feel as though I didn't need to read as I saw it live), do several algebra lessons (to prepare for bullshit), and start another book. I found Dante's, The Divine Comedy in our bookshelf today which leads me to believe that there might be some other books which I've been meaning to read in the house. However, that can wait until I finish Shakespeare. (My public speaking teacher thought I was an English major. Then he told me to pursue theatre. Everyone tells me both of these things: it's odd.) I am happy. I hope you are.