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in brave sunlight.

Martha, my love.

Every page of my notebook has blue veins, a silver-y skeleton, and white blood cells. I use mechanical pencils because anything else makes my handwriting look like shit. There is no backspace key while using long-hand, but I am so obsessive-compulsive that my erasers may as well be that key on a few seconds delay. An electronic dictionary fixes up my spelling, and my proof-reading skills cleans up any questionable grammar. Generally, when writing out so slowly, there are very few mistakes. Though, I will say that I use a thesaurus because they are far too much fun. My notebook, scrap paper, and otherwise, is all very neat and organized. My speech about Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre production of War of the Worlds is plotted out neatly, point-by-point, followed by quick facts such as H.G. Welles and 1938.
      The annoying aspect of my personality is the fact that some things will contradict my better judgment. I like people (I'm an extrovert), but they are tedious and horrible and I hate them, sometimes. You modify your public vocabulary because it was annoying, and then people treat you like you are inferior. But, I must be honest, my disdain is not for people but for the people specifically of my generation. Why, do you ask? Education. Plain and simple. The public educational system puts people in this box of do-not-think-outside; even if you have potential you must squelch it or we will repress you into a black hole. All academia seems to be, at this point, is people's view of their own intelligence and helping others to see how smart they are. Getting an A does not indicate that you are intelligent, it indicates that you are very good at taking certain tests in very narrow subjects. I know people who are intelligent who have shit grades, and people, who proclaim themselves to be stupid, get straight As. I'm sorry, but I don't think you're as intelligent as you thought if you're in that company.
      Creativity and intelligence are not intrinsically bound together. People do not seem to realize that simply because you do not understand something, it is not good. Also, they do not seem to see that simply because it is good in class, does not mean that you are creative. But, to be perfectly honest, I think a lot of people who say that they are artistic are full of shit. I'm an elitist, I will not tell a lie (on this matter.) Whatever gives me the right to say that can be argued, feel free. But, I know that a lot of teachers in the public educational system prefer certain students over others, no matter how quality their work is over another's. For example, why do girls do so much better in school? Because girls know how to sit still as opposed to boys, who are not always capable of such. Does this mean that a girl is more intelligent than a boy? Does that mean that the girl put in more hours of work for a certain project than a boy? No, not always.
      I guess, if you want the synopsis of what I just said: The public educational system is bullshit and they are giving kids a false sense of intelligence; and, simply because you do art does not mean that you are an artist. Actually, the majority of academia is bullshit. Or all of it. However, I see the point in college because 1) you have a degree and then, in our society, can make more money and 2) it gets you away from your natural habitat, in most instances. But, Christ, I think this country is in for a lot of problems when my generation comes of age, in full.
three words.

Mr. Statetrooper, please don't stop me.

The early numbers are Corzine at 56% and Forrester at 43%, and the rest going to other non-viable candidates. Despite my dislike for Democrats, Forrester frightens me. It's not really fear, but he's just too smug to be a good person. Corzine has this grand-fatherly thing, despite the fact that he has more money than God (even though Corzine probably doesn't have as much money as Bloomberg.) Forrester could potentially be really terrible on a woman's right to choose, homosexuality, environment, and probably alternative education. New Jersey is a blue state, so I didn't think that Forrester had a huge chance. But, in the past few days, with the polls there had been some doubts on that. I just really don't want a Republican in office. (Not that I particularly want a Democrat either, or that I really enjoy US Government, but Republicans in New Jersey are just... well, you'd have to be here.)
      In terms of my education, actually, things are going incredibly well. I am doing very well in art history and astronomy, and I am amazed by the fact that astronomy is going so well. The Goddard College program, which I helped with at the formation of it, is going to be beginning on March 3rd. Hopefully I'll be doing two courses there, and I'm thinking about doing effective speaking and chorus at Sussex County Community College. Things are falling into place and I'm really happy about that. For my senior year I think that I'm just going to do something that I want, but put all of my energy and time into it. Something really extensive but I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. Hopefully I'll get into a college which I have some kinship to (surprisingly enough, the more and more I look into it, the more and more Drew is appealing to me.)
      I keep making mistakes and I hate doing that. Stupid mistakes. Random mistakes. Mistakes that do not even impact me, but I know that I've done them. The perfectionist in me is digging nails into the sides of my head. But, honestly, I really do not want to get into this here. It's not the, "Oh!111 I do not feel understood! I'm so CRYPTIC! blahblahblah111@@!" it's just that I don't feel that I understand well enough to even be misunderstood at this point. Obviously that last statement made perfect sense. With that note, however, I will live you. Be well.