set me reelin'. (vaya___) wrote,
set me reelin'.

Because I'm annoyed that a lot of people think I'm at the computer all the time.

Sunday -
Writing group (every other week), 3-5PM
Chorus (CCSC), 7-8:30PM
Monday -
Art history, 11:30-1245PM
Astronomy, 2:20-4:00PM
Chorus (WGS), 7-9PM
Tuesday -
In-house schooling, etc.
Karate, 6-8:40PM
Wednesday -
Art history, 11:30-1245PM
Astronomy, 2:20-4:00PM
Chorus (CCSC), 7-8:30PM
Thursday -
In-house schooling, etc.
Karate, 7:30-8:30PM
Friday -
Either school stuff or
other such events.
Satuday -
same as above, generally not home.

Note: Generally I have other such things going on during the days that I have nothing planned, especially Saturdays/Fridays. (For example the upcoming days include movie, HP opening, concert, going to a friend's house for a weekend, a party, a play, choir, school, and then a test at SCCC (Sussex County Community College), and another choir.) Jesus, people, why do you think that because I'm homeschooled I'm actually home? Not only that I'm always home but that I'm always near the computer? SERIOUSLY. If you want to get in touch with me the best way is via my cellphone. God. ^_^
Tags: schedule

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