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I'm A Real Entry! Dec. 14th, 2004 @ 08:54 pm

I'm using a kick-ass color scheme that Amanda found.  I'm kind of pumped.  That is what the address was for in the last entry.  So, don't be suprised when the color changes quite a bit. 

So, lately I've been a bit busy.  Lots of schoolwork, more activities after school, organizing SFHR stuff (we really need a better name), being sick/needing a lot of sleep, and on top of all of that, Thorson is putting on the pressure for History Day.  I need to finish that AIDS project before friday, figure out what I will say for the parent newsletter, and actually do my history (day) homework.  I feel ridiculous, my aunt wanted to know some books I want for Christmas, she doesn't want to give a gift card, oh no, so I put down two Hoover books I haven't look at yet (about thirty dollars a piece) and the America book.

Tonight was the espanol christmas party.  Almost no one showed up, and everyone who did was female.  I made my very own tortilla (that someone else ate) and managed to 1.  sprain my ankle   2.  frighten all of the freshman  and 3.  remind the Spanish teachers of how glad they are that the Costa Rica trip is over.

I think that I will stop now and concentrate on the tape of Monday night's mysteries on BBC.  I missed them last night because of the band concert.  Oh, by the way, on thursday we start marching in preparation for Florida.  Ha, that will be a pleasure, Vowels never taught the froshes how to march and now we have to squish it into two days.  Back to the tapes.

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Dec. 14th, 2004 @ 11:26 am

anger Nov. 11th, 2004 @ 10:03 pm
I hate to make my only third entry a short angry rant. But I am angry. Ryan (the sneaky bastard) sent me an e-mail with a warning label of "don't read too much into this". Thanks for the help. Then he went on an emotional, well, rant, of ridiculous proportions. Baaaaa. This kind of thing frustrates me sooo much. I just begin to think that I might be able to form a friendship with him, and then he does something like this. Why did I think I could trust him at all?
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Ta Da Oct. 23rd, 2004 @ 02:43 pm
So I will actually do a real entry this time. Just for you, Amanda.
A while ago I heard about some disease that had to do with tiredness. No, not mono, but somthing like: chronic __________-___________. If that helps at all. I think I have it. I'll get nine hours of sleep at night and I'm exhausted. Most people are tired when they first get up in the morning. That happens to me to, but it remains that way for the entire day. Let me tell you this, it sucks. If I complain about how tired I am, people ask how much sleep I got. When I reply eight+ hours, they make fun of me.
It's also wonderful that my parents just found a dent on my car. It's on the tear passenger door, and it's really big. They aren't blaming me (good, because I didn't do it), but it still rubs off on me, since they are being very over-protective now. They are even thinking about talking to Bach. Knowing the high school parking lot, good luck.

But hey, I can deal with all of that. In fact, life is not quite as dreary as I have portrayed it in the last two paragraphs. On friday night, I had to go to a family wedding. It was at my church, but real reason it was so interesting is because of a little family fued. My (second) cousin Jeremiah was getting married, and I will try to explain this situation.

Before I was born, my great-uncle Tom was married to a woman named Susie. Because of the age difference between my grandmother and her brothers and sister, he is more toward my mother's age. Which makes his children, my second cousins closer to my age. Susie and Tom had three children; Jerry, and his two younger sisters, Breanna and Brittany. Tom and Susie got divorced sometime around when I was born, and had joint custody of the kids. I'm not sure if problems started then, or not until Tom remarried a few years later, but eventually Susie tryed to keep the kids longer and longer, or found excuses to cancel certain visits. By this time Tom and his new wife Lisa had a daughter, my (second and younger)cousin Lindsey. Tom's (and my) family totally supported the fact that Tom should see more of his children. Soon Susie became pretty much an enemie. This probably was justified, considering by the time I was 6 or 7 Susie had converted to Jahova's (sp?) Witness, and had forcibly converted the three kids too. Breanna and Brittany took this fairly well, but Jerry apparently disliked it. He ended up moving in with Tom permanently with few visits to his mom. On the other hand, Breanna and Brittany became basically brainwashed and remained mostly with their mother.

At this time I had played with my cousins a lot and was slightly hurt by the fact that they never came to visit any more. But this really hurt members of my family like my great-grandmother, their grandma. Soon enough they were reporting hurtful things to her that Susie had said, that in some ways it was better that they gradually stopped coming at all. News drifted through family connections about Breanna and Brittany, but this year was the most interesting. Breanna had graduated early from college (she's kinda smart) and this past spring had gotten married. The only person invited from my family was her grandmother, not even her own father.

So naturally, when Jerry heard that his mother and sisters would show up (without invitations) he was naturally a little nervous that a fight would break out, or something like that. But, Tom promised to be nice, and although it was tense, nothing terrible happened. Susie and family showed up and ended up sitting on the bride's side because they weren't invited. Hehehe, that was pretty funny. At the reception Susie was sucking up to everyone. I was the first person from my immediate family into the reception room, and she smiled, held her hand out, and asked if I knew who she was. Ha, like I could possibly not. By the end of the evening she had Alissa, (the bride) sitting on her lap. I'm sure Jerry won't have her do that again. He dislikes her greatly.

So, after the party, everyone in my family went to my great-grandmother's house and go out the alcohol. About a half-hour later Lisa showed up with a half-gallon of vodka. We had a nice, relaxing evening after that.

The kicker after all that drama was my cousin Breanna. Both of them barely acknowledged our family all evening. A little off subject, she is short! I'm talking about four and a half feet with two inch heels on. The man she married last spring is at least 6'7". Watching them together was comical. Anyway, she and her sister Brittany went up to my cousin Chris' wife (they've divorced and re-married each other) and told her how broken up they were when Barb and Chris split and how happy they were to be back together. Barb, knowing very little about the younger memebers of the family asked "And who are you?" When I heard that it just killed me because they are used to being the center of attention.

Anyway, that's how my weekend has gone so far. Digging up family problems is always fun. How exciting.
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NEW Oct. 16th, 2004 @ 11:43 pm
I haven't done this forever, and I'm very tired, so this will be short. Because I forgot my old user name/password I made a new one. I will update more later.
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