We used to talk about girls who play guitars

It's her life, and a life is worth living

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1 October 1989
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I am a Swedish music addict, traveler and sucker for slash.

1039/smoothed out slappy hours, american idiot, american pie, angels & airwaves, armatage shanks, bab's uvula who?, bad religion, bass, billie joe, billie joe armstrong, billie joe/mike, billie joe/tre, billie joe/tre/mike, billie/mike, billie/tre, blink 182, blink-182, blood sugar sex magik, box car racer, boxcar racer, boys kissing, boys kissing boys, brian kinney, brian/justin, brokeback mountain, bunny cricket, burps, craig dean, dancing, danko jones, dookie, drums, dude where's my car, emmett honeycutt, fan fiction, fanfiction, feminism, fink, franz ferdinand, gay rights, gd slash, gibson les paul, green day, green day slash, guitar, guy burnet, hal sparks, homosexuality, insomniac, instruments, international superhits, james sutton, jason white, john paul mcqueen, john paul/craig, jp/craig, justin taylor, kerplunk, laughing, lfatb, london, los amigos invisibles, los cafres, maxïmo park, mcdean, mest, mexico, michael novotny, mike dirnt, mike/tre, money money 2020, music, nimrod, nirvana, nofx, pansy division, peter paige, photography, photoshop, pinhead gunpowder, plaid pants, playing guitar, playing instruments, punk, punk rock, punx, qaf, queer as folk, queer eye, rancid, reading, records, red hot chili peppers, rock, scissor sisters, seann william scott, shelter, shenanigans, singing, ska, ska-p, slash, slash fanfiction, slash fiction, songs in e major, spanish, stadium arcadium, sum 41, sunset ending, sweet children, ted schmidt, ted/emmett, the donnas, the network, tre, tre cool, tre/billie, tre/mike, trevor wright, tré, tré cool, veracruz, voice of a generation, warning, weezer, writing, young!billie/mike, zach/shaun, zero 1, árbol

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