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In high school, I had a few really cool classes: Latin, Greek/Roman Myths, Creative Writing, Quest (all about the hero, the journey, helper/guides, achetypes and so on).

University didn't have as many, but one that did stand out was Cyber Crime. It was really interesting, and I got an A+. This is the field I'm going into now, so that says quite a bit about how I feel about that class.
Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
My own best friends, in elementary school. I didn't realize until much later what was really going on.

I think this is where a lot of my trust issues come from.
 Probably going to be a little TMI.

I got the results of my Celiac screen, and it was negative, thank god. While I don't have the disease, my doctor said I do have a sensitivity to wheat. So I don't have the disease (which would be detrimental to my health), but I do have the sensitivity (which isn't bad for me, it just makes me uncomfortable to ingest it).

Okay, so that is helpful to know. Apparently I would be good to avoid eating white bread. SAD, as I love sandwiches.

Also, I have really bad IBS. Which is awful, as I haven't figured out what all my trigger foods are yet. I know for sure that greasy food kills me, again, SAD.

AAAAND, just because I happen to attract bad mojo like that, there's a good chance I'm lactose intolerant. I asked for the breath test to check for sure, but according to my doctor, it isn't very reliable. She said I would be better off to get some expensive, dairy-rich ice cream or gelato, have a bowl, and if my stomach is in complete misery, BLAMMO, I'm lactose intolerant.

So that's what's happening with my digestive system. I'm sure you're all thrilled to know. Me, I'm still miserable. I've been avoiding dairy and using soy milk in my breakfast shakes, which has actually made quite a bit of a difference in my stomach misery.

I'm very grateful I don't have Celiac. That would be one huge pain in the ass to deal with. It's a lot easier avoiding dairy, so that's going to be my plan of action from here on out.

As for the greasy food, that is going to be a lot harder. I tend to eat my feelings.
 Watching X-Files. On 4x24. Great season finale, very emotional.

I don't think I have ever been as relieved to take off my bra as I was today.

I worked all day at Mackie, then had to work the evening at Legends. For whatever reason, my usually comfy bra decided that its main mission was to fuck up my day. It slipped off my shoulders, cut into my ribs...

So when I finally got home from work at 10:30, I'd had that sucker on for over 15 hours. 

I may just have a ritual burning to celebrate the sweet, delicious relief.
Made myself a tea this morning.

Left it on the counter, untasted.

It was probably delicious :(
From China to the local IHOP, what's your favorite meal involving pancakes?

I'm not usually a fan of pancakes, but this one time... I made what can only be described as OMAHGAWD THIS IS WHAT ANGELS TASTE LIKE:

I mixed chocolate chips and frozen raspberries in pancake batter... when they were done, I had delicious, melty chocolate raspberry AWESOMECAKES.

If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?

A black 1969 Corvette Stingray. The first time I saw one was in the parking lot of The Wing Shack in Whitby. SO PRETTY.

I wouldn't say no to an old El Camino, either.
What's your most debilitating insecurity? Do you think you'll ever overcome it?

I'm so insecure about giving the wrong answer that I'm afraid to speak up sometimes. I think I will. I've overcome a lot of things in the past few years, and this is just one more thing to work on.
Fandom: Uncharted
Title: Not Quite There Yet
Prompt: "Woops"
Summary: Short and fluffy. Nate and Elena take a test.
Author: unruhe_
Rating: PG
Word Count: 722
Chapters: One shot
Character(s): Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher
Pairing(s): Nate/Elena
Spoilers/Warnings: None

So I wrote game fic. It's not the first time. You guys still love me, right? Right?

Not Quite There YetCollapse )
Okay, we're watching a film called "The Burning Times" in my Women in the Criminal Justice System class right now. I NEED some else to laugh at this with me. Not because of the content, or even the film at all, but simply because of the wank that frequently gets laughed at, where non-persecuted groups think they are being persecuted.

Like furries. And everybody busts out macros of sad-looking furries with captions that say in glittery letters, "NEVER AGAIN THE BURNING TIMES"
How would you describe your ideal romantic partner in six words?

Funny, ridiculous, awesome, absurd, geek, love.
Why does my work smell like dog food right now? I WORK IN A HOCKEY ARENA. THIS IS NOT THE SMELL OF HOCKEY. IT IS THE SMELL OF KIBBLE.

Let's just say that it's a good thing that I have this awesome wheely managers chair, because it turns out that when I'm in the boss fight of a game, I tend to wheel frantically around the room as I'm struggling to evade the boss while at the same time trying to blow his fucking head off.

Didn't realize this until I was halfway across my room with clothes and pillows stuck under my chair.

Thank god for wireless controllers.
Oh hey there friends who have found your way here through sf_d :)

I'll get around to posting a real entry soon. Promise.