October 21st, 2013

Character: River


So I'm running a bit lot behind schedule, but I finally got my survey for my dissertation up!

Click Here to Take It!

If you've seen some/all of BBC Sherlock, or if you're at all involved in the fandom, then I want your input, please! (You can still fill it out if neither of those apply to you, of course, but there won't be many questions.) It should take you about 20 minutes. There's no personal information required, any question can be skipped (after the consent agreement), and there are no series three spoilers. There's more information when you follow the link, too.

I'm adding a Livejournal repost option to this entry, and you can also reblog this post on my tumblr for a signal boost if you'd like. And thanks to everyone who helps out with this!

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