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It's that time of year again... [08 Jan 2006|02:22pm]
Please vote in my Best Quote of 2005 Contest! I'd also like to mention that there's no need to fear, it's far shorter than last year's ;)
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Coming in November... [24 Oct 2005|10:06pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

A brand new weekly questions community! Very exciting eh? ;P
If, like me, you're constantly finding yourself looking for ways to kill time on Mondays, join mondaysabitch for five deep and meaningful questions to help you ponder your Monday blues away. Okay, so it's very unlikely that the questions will actually be either deep or meaningful, but we are making an effort to keep them as original as possible. We're pretty much ready to get going, now all we need are some members!

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Come on... [01 Jan 2005|05:03pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

You know you wanna vote in my best quote of 2004 contest :D!

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[25 Dec 2004|12:43am]
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[12 Nov 2004|11:08am]
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[21 Sep 2004|02:20am]
I'll post this here so that the "creative mind behind the meme" gets to be included :P

Your LJ friends as the Care Bears by Moonfire
Favourite Care Bear Cousin
Bedtime Bear_o_c_
Cheer Bearicontagious
Friend Bearpeaces_icons
Funshine Bearword_bird
Good Luck Bear1conattack
Grumpy Beargunshotmelody
Love-a-lot Bearmoonfire_sb
Share Beardrkprincelestat
Tenderheart Bearteh_indy
Wish Beardanceup
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[18 Sep 2004|09:22pm]
Anyone out there looking for a gmail invite? I have lots that probably aren't going to get used any time soon.
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WTF [14 Aug 2004|04:42pm]

LJMeme.com Crush Meme

Number of crushes on me so far: 34

LJ username:

How is this number getting bigger?? So confused...
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Huh? [11 Aug 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | confused ]

LJMeme.com Crush Meme

Number of crushes on me so far: 24

LJ username:

So confused... I tested this thing out using my other journals and it seems to work fine. How is this number possible?? I don't even have that many people on my friends list!
Fess up people, who the hell are you? Lol I swear I'm easy... ;)
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Awwwwwww [06 Jul 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

So very accurate ;)

LJ friend stats
LJ Username
LJ friend who likes you the most _o_c_
LJ friend who wants to meet you icontagious
LJ friend who has a crush on you _o_c_
LJ friend who looks up to you drkprincelestat
LJ friend who you should get to know better iconsomnia
Percentage of LJ friends who actually read your entries - 97%
This Quiz by waywardpixie - Taken 30089 Times.
Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

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[29 Jun 2004|07:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I haven't been able to get any new writing started recently. I need some ideas and inspiration. Give me something like a word, sentence, character, plot snippet...something, whatever randomly comes out of your head and I'll write something for ya (or at least try to).

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[21 Feb 2004|01:45am]
The finals of the Best Quote of 2003 contest are now up. Go vote! :)
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Pimpin' [15 Feb 2004|03:31am]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm having a little contest among my friends to see who has the best quote of 2003. Pick your favourite here! :)

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[14 Feb 2004|01:29pm]
Marriage is love.
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[11 Dec 2003|04:37pm]
This journal is probably going to be exclusively for community use, so for actual content check out my personal journal moonfire_sb.
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