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Its been a long time since i have writen
I havent really been around lately... I have had a lot of changes in my life... not bad ones.. just ones that make me feel like i am grown... which in ways i love and in ways i hate.
I was looking at Jaymes journal and pictures that i am not in... which back a couple months ago i would have been in most every one of them... which makes me sad... it is hard to satisfy everyone, even myself.
Jayme and Ashley Dome are the greatest people i ever met and I dont deserve them.. I love them and no matter what happens where i am and where they are i wont forget them or forget anything.. good times.. hard times... surprising times... and expecially hilarious times!!!!
If it wasnt for them the last 3 years of my life would have been boring.. i would have been lame and with out anyone... i love you for who you are because you guys are the truiest people i have ever and will ever meet Love you so much!!!!

THank You.. and i hope to see you soon
so, yeah

people are people and i still love em

I had to make a speech in class today and I was so nervous!!!! Waiting and being nervous is probably one of the worst feelings!.. But I guess I didnt do bad
Its kind of weird talking to people who you havent talked to in a while, it like you dont know whether or not you act the same as you used to.. at least with me its like that

I love my puppy dog
I love my friends Jayme and Ashley
I am excited to hang out Friday
I love my sister
I love food
I am hungry
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My dog is wrestling with a rope toy making entirely too much noise for me just waking up.. but she is cute and i love her!

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I loved Friday and Saturday!!
Just chilly chill chilled on Friday was cool.. pranks on me.. all good and fun! haha CLEM

Saturday I thought was gonna be a disappointment becuase it was pouring.. but then it stopped... so we went to Busch Gardens!! sweet ass sweet
took us 5 hours to get there.. that was ridiculous.. but fun as well
The Tidal Wave is Jaymes new favorite ride hahahhahah!!<--- best part of the day probably!
Faced my fears of Gwazi! YA YA
Got a fun pass go all year round YA YA

and i think Redbull makes me paranoid... i must stop drinking it.. it will be hard because i love it.. but i must!!

i love beef jerky
now i will lay in the sun and be a tan beach chick minus the beach
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As you all can see, jayme adds character to my journal! haha

I cant believe i have been out of school for almost a year... it is sooo crazy how fast life goes by when your out of highschool its almost sad! like seriously!!!

I am really stressed out for some reason.. but i seem to be happy so i guess it is okay

it will be cool to hang out with the domes tomorrow.. if they want me :( :)

okieee byebye now
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funny funny funny

i have missed hanging out man!!.. i feel like i have missed sooo much and i was only "gone" for like 2 weeks

watching jayme dance makes every thing seem like its just gonnna be okay!! haha.. she is a character
i may pay her a dollar as well!!

be my little baby and take me home tonight
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too busy

man life is soo busy lately...
school and work and trying to have a life is just too much.. gosh!

I have been staying in Lehigh at my aunts for the past week and i am going back next week its pretty tyte I like the change.. i actually think i needed this!
My sister is in town and i am sooo happy happy!! oh my you just dont understand

i miss jayme dome... it seem like forever..

love to all and all who love gimme a holla holla
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i had to work today.. and i didnt like it.. it threw off the whole weekend thing, i am wayyy tired.. but i am going to go out and have fun tonight, at least i hope so, i mean there is never anything really new to do around this place, but we try to make the best out of every night!.. i guess thats the only way we can me anymore.
We do have one thing to look forward to, Atmosphere Concert! haha for real tho.. it is gonna be sweet!
Anyone who wants to go call me or jayme!! for real.. it is gonna be sweet, if you dont know who they are... dont worry you will like them and even if you dont, it will still be fun!

oh and by the way
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